Live disruption tracker

Respond dynamically to closures and unanticipated disruptions

Powerful analytics tool

From production capacity loss to interfering with your bottom line, we know how damaging unforeseen disruptions and shutdowns can be. Accessing a global view of production and consumption capacity loss and associated conversion factors as well as understanding the real-time impact on supply as a result of planned and unplanned outages and future start-up of new capacities enables you to get ahead of these and response more effectively.

A solution

That is why the ICIS live disruptions tracker gives you clear insight into the global disruptions impacting your commodity of interest, brought to you via a dynamic, interactive online tool.

React quicker

Continuously updated by market experts located in regions across the world, our disruptions tracker allows you to react quicker to closures and buy and sell with complete confidence.

Why use ICIS live disruption tracker?

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets. Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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