Market Intelligence

Price Data

Because we speak directly to market participants, ICIS price reports are trusted by both buyers and sellers. The pricing information, trends and market commentary in our reports are considered to be the most important market reference published today.

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Price Forecast Reports

ICIS price forecast reports are produced by the Consulting division of ICIS, which operates independently of our Editorial team. The concise monthly reports include details of prices, margins, capacity, supply and demand for the next 12 months – all in a single report.

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Margin Data

The ICIS weekly Margin Reports deliver the detail you need to understand how production costs and prices are affecting variable margins, enabling you to assess the impact on your business and to optimise your upstream and downstream decisions.

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Your source of breaking news and analysis from across the global chemical markets.

ICIS news editors around the world are reporting the breaking news stories that impact chemical markets, influence commodity prices, and affect your daily business decisions.

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ICIS Dashboard

The ICIS Dashboard is a single, online platform that offers an instant, detailed view of the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets. From pricing information and global trade activities, to supply and demand and breaking news, the ICIS Dashboard provides users with an unparalleled, customisable view of the factors affecting market conditions – all in a single screen.

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China Pricing & Insight

ICIS has long been recognised as a reliable source of information on the Chinese markets, providing comprehensive pricing intelligence, real-time news, supply and demand data, in-depth analysis and consultancy support.

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