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Frequently asked questions

Account administration

What is my username?

Your username is the email you used when registering for our service.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Please go to the log-in page where you can reset your password by clicking on the Reset password link.

You’ll be prompted with a new window. Fill in your email address and you’ll receive a notification via email where you can reset your account with a new password.

How do I check my credit balance?

Your credit balance is displayed beside your email address on the navigation bar.

How can I see what I have previously used my credits for?

Click on the Credit Usage link in the navigation bar.

A full report, which you may choose to print or download, will appear.

How do I request additional credits?

Please contact your account manager if you wish to top up your credits. You can find a list of contacts here.

Accessing price reports

How do I use credits on price reports?

Select the Reports channel in the navigation bar.

Then select the All Reports tab in the window and select the report you would like to use credits on. The page will refresh into the reports channel.

Select the All Reports tab in the window and select the report you would like to use credits on. Click on the drop down menu to see the list of available regions for the commodity that you selected.

Click on Select and it should appear under the Selected Reports for Purchase. You can select multiple reports to download. The number of credits that will be deducted from your account will appear in the same section of the page. When you are happy to download the reports, click Get Reports.

How do I view price reports I have already used credits on?

Select the Purchased Reports tab within the reports channel to view reports you have already used credits on.

Select View to preview the report. Alternatively, you can download the reports again by clicking on the Select link corresponding to the report you would like to access. You can select multiple reports to download. When you are happy to download the reports, click Download.

Accessing Price History

How do I use credits on Price History?

Click on Price History in the navigation bar.

Click on  icon to display the Select new quotations button in the Price History window. Alternatively, if it is your first time accessing historical data, click on Select new quotations.

You will then see the Price History selection window. Click on the All Price History tab to see the full list of price series that are available. On this tab, you can search for the price history you are looking for by using the filtering tools along the top of the screen.

The default view is the Standard Date Range. Upon selecting the quotation you would like to access, add in the number of years you would like to view and click Get Selected Data.

When you are done selecting the historical prices you would like to access, click on Get Selected Data at the bottom of the window.

A new window prompting you to confirm the selection will appear. This includes details relating to the price quote you want to access and the number of credits that will be deducted from your account. Click Confirm.

Your selected price history will then be charted in the Price History window, as shown below.

Can I customise the date range of the historical data I am accessing?

Yes, you will be able to specify a date range for the quotes you are looking to access. Select Custom Date Range.

By doing this, you will now be able to customise the date range. Make your selection and click on Get Selected Data.

How do I chart price history that I’ve already used credits on?

Make sure you are in the Price History channel by clicking on Price History in the navigation bar. A list of all your previously accessed historical data will appear.

Select the quotation you would like to access by clicking on the button corresponding to it. Click on Done.

Your selected price history will then be charted in the Price History window.

What if I want to extend the time period of a price history series I’ve already accessed?

Open the Purchased Price History window by clicking on the Link icon on the Price History window. Find the series you would like to extend the time period for and either select the Update or the Backdate button.

If you choose to backdate the data, you will be asked to select the date in which you would like to backdate to.

If you choose to update the data, it will simply ask you to confirm your request.

How do I get price history for a different period to the one I’ve already got access to and I don’t want to connect the time periods?

Price history series in the credits platform are not allowed to have gaps in the time period so that they can be charted. For example, if you want the first quarter of 2014 and the final quarter of 2014, in order to keep this information in the credits platform you also need have the second and third quarters of 2014.

However, if you want a specific section of price series data and you do not want it to be joined up to existing periods of the same price series, you can select a download only option for price history.

There is a Custom Date Range selection option in the All Price History tab, which can select a specific period of price history for download only. This price history data will not be saved in the credits platform for future use.

Can I change the currency and unit of the price history chart?

Yes. Click on the gears icon at the top of the Price History window to open a light box that will provide you with options to change the date, currency, unit and frequency.

Can I download the historical data into Excel?

There is a download option on the upper right-hand side of the chart where you can select the file format you would like to download the information in.

How many workspaces can I add and how many additional windows can I create per workspace?

You can create 15 workspaces in addition to the home tab. You can add up to 11 windows.

Can I move workspaces?

Yes, you can move tabs by dragging and dropping them. Please note that the home tab is fixed and nothing can move to the left of it.

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