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China is perhaps the most opaque petrochemical market in the world and is likely to be the biggest producer of some key chemical commodities. Moreover, China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative will undoubtedly make exports to other regions faster and cheaper with lower transport costs.

As the country now becomes more competitive in the petrochemicals landscape, it is critical for domestic and international market participants to keep track of market changes, thereby capturing opportunities that should not be missed.

Pricing data for China

  • Key price assessments, including China’s import, domestic and historical prices
  • Market overview, including industry news, policy changes the implications for the local and global market
  • Reported transactions listing all confirmed deals, bids and offers in an easy-to-read format
  • Domestic production output and plant turnarounds data, including scheduled and unscheduled plant shutdowns and maintenance
  • Import and export market data by trading region
  • Market demand outlook based on the sentiments of domestic market players and macroeconomic factors
  • Feedstock prices and margins
  • Domestic spot versus futures prices, tracking the relationship and the impact of key price drivers
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Petrochemical Analytical Solutions

Together with each pricing report subscription, ICIS now provides the following diagnostic and prescriptive solutions to help you make critical business decisions in and out of China and plan for the future:

  • Live Supply Disruption Tracker – Real-time view of domestic and global supply, plant outages and start-ups for the next 12 months, plus the impact of these changes
  • Price Drivers Analytics – Key performance indicators, such as import/export parity, feedstock and downstream spreads, substitution trends and arbitrage/netback dat
  • A Quarterly Supply and Demand Outlook – Available for key chemical commodities




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Supply and Demand data

Our Supply and Demand database enables you to gain a mid-to-long term view of the polyolefins and plastics resins markets.

Get a breakdown of:

  • Import and export volumes in China
  • Production vs capacity
  • Producers by country
  • Trade balances
  • Historical and forecast data (1978-2030)
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Consulting services

Are you looking to successfully enter and participate in China’s chemical markets? ICIS can give you a clear view of the opportunities and risks to help you:

  • Identify and analyse market trends
  • Understand new markets
  • Formulate M&A, distribution and restructuring strategies
  • Benchmark your performance


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