China Energy Market Intelligence Solution

Your trusted source for China energy data, fundamentals and forecasts

China remains one of the most influential players across the globe; changes in supply, demand and prices have a significant impact on regional and global markets. Industry participants operating in the Chinese energy sector need access to reliable and accurate information on prices, market drivers and trends, as well as informed insights into where markets are heading.

ICIS is the market intelligence leader for Chinese energy markets and to address your unique needs, our locally based industry experts provide the information you need to gain first-mover advantage and secure investment opportunities in China, with tailored insights and support.

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China Gas & LNG

Gain a clear view of data and analysis for China’s pipeline gas and LNG markets by province and demand sub segments

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China Oil & Refinery

We provide an end-to-end solution for China’s dynamic oil market – crude/petroleum, gasoline/naphtha, gasoil and so much more

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China LPG

Get access to holistic tools and expertise to stay ahead of the developments in China’s LPG deep processing industry.

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The unique ICIS market intelligence solution

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The accurate data you need at your fingertips to make daily decisions with confidence

  • Granular, precise fundamentals view for China’s gas/LNG and oil& refining industry
  • Real-time market alerts, Data-driven impact analysis and responsive forecasting directly from China sources

The fundamentals and forecasts you need to plan for tomorrow

  • Mid-term forecasts and impact analysis of Chinese oil and gas market fundamentals (monthly to annual)
  • Long-term industry analysis and forecasts (5 years onwards)

Practical tools and training to make life easier for you and your team

  • Webinars and white papers explaining the mechanics of Chinese energy markets
  • Detailed training and workshops run by our China industry experts

Why Choose ICIS?

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How can ICIS help you?

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It is no secret that the China energy marketplace is particularly challenging for trading companies, analysts and for integrated energy operators. Our services and support are uniquely valuable for all of these because we provide the right information and detail, in useful formats, at the right time. More than simply a data provider, we facilitate more confident business decisions.


Our complete market solutions ensures:

  • You are always on top of real time market changes as they occur
  • You can pull on the deepest, granular level of data to support daily decisions
  • You can clearly see the quarterly supply and demand fluctuations ahead
  • You are fully aware of how policy changes will impact business dynamics
  • You can quickly identify and prioritise new opportunities from China import activity

Integrated energy companies

Our critical data and information guarantees:

  • You can access robust evidence to support your judgment, decisions and plans
  • You can utilise competitive intelligence to respond quickly and minimise risk
  • You can make operating plans for the next 1-5 years to match market forecasts
  • You can identify potential new growth segments and new markets for the next 5-25 years
  • You can navigate the supply and demand fluctuations ahead

Finance / Investment

How does one of the biggest global investment banks track and build knowledge in China’s energy market?

China’s energy market can be particularly difficult to navigate. We asked one of the largest investment banks in the world about how they overcome the challenges associated with the lack of trusted and consistent information and data sources. Their answer was ICIS China Energy Solution.

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