ICIS Margin Reports

Make sense of business cash costs and cash margins

The ICIS weekly Margin Reports deliver the detail you need to understand how production costs and prices are affecting variable margins, enabling you to assess the impact on your business and to optimise your upstream and downstream decisions.

The reports are designed to complement ICIS trusted pricing data. Combining ICIS benchmark price assessments with feedstock yield models from Linde Engineering, the reports provide a clear indication of the direction of business cash costs and cash margins, forming a basis for informed market positioning by sellers, buyers and traders.

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New enhanced Margin Reports in Excel format

The newly enhanced ICIS Margin Reports bring all margin-related information into a single report in an Excel sheet format. Combined with relevant price history series,which is also available via the ICIS dashboard, this will allow you to manipulate our data more easily than was previously possible.

You can chart your own choice of margin comparisons, in your own choice of format, and input our data directly into your own systems. If you’re a producer, you may consider adjusting our assessed prices, calculated costs and margin values derived from our generic margin models to your own situation.

Alternatively, you may simply refer to the short-term charts and tables that are provided in a readily printable format.

What’s included in the ICIS Margin Reports?

  • Weekly calculated margins, feedstock costs and, where applicable, co-product credit values for the previous 12-month period.
  • Calculations of both integrated and standalone margins
  • Tables include averages for months, quarters and years to allow comparison
  • Short-term margin comparison charts displaying weekly changes (over the last three months) along with a six-month rolling average
  • Key points covering significant market changes in the current week and key trends vs previous period

Why choose ICIS Margin Reports?

  • Review short and mid-term cost and margin trends
  • Obtain simple and prompt signals on the direction of producer cash margins
  • Gain clarity on the impact of volatile feedstocks
  • Optimise your upstream and downstream decisions
  • Protect your profits by forecasting intelligently

ICIS publishes Margin Reports for the following markets:

Ethylene Margin reports for Asia, China, Europe and US

Polyethylene Margin Reports for Asia, China, Europe and US

Polypropylene Margin Reports for Asia, China, Europe and US

Ethylene Glycol Margin Reports for Asia, Europe and US

Styrene Margin Reports for Asia, Europe and US

Polystyrene Margin Reports for Asia, Europe and US

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The ICIS Margin Reports Difference

The ICIS margin calculation is not simply a difference between the feedstock price and the product price. Our margin calculation takes into account of the amount of feedstock required per tonne of final product, the value of any coproducts along the production chain and the variable costs of manufacturing processes.

In our models, we combine ICIS’ trusted price assessments with product yield and energy balance data provided by leading chemical engineering contractor Linde Engineering.

We have chosen not to model beyond feedstock costs and key variable manufacturing costs, as the inclusion of any fixed costs would cease to be generic. This results in what is termed a variable margin or contribution.

What our customers say about the Margin Reports

“ICIS Polyethylene Margin report provides concise commentary and useful data tables and charts, giving a clear indication of what’s happening in the polymers market. The precise and regularly updated measurement of producer cash costs and cash margins allow us to track the market movements and is useful in our negotiations with suppliers..”

Unilever Asia Private Ltd
Mr. Changsheng Wu, Global Procurement Director – Flexibles