ICIS Polypropylene (PP) Europe price forecast report

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The ICIS PP Europe price forecast report, produced by the ICIS Consulting team, provides an ‘at a glance’ view of the market to support your short- to medium-term decisions. As well as providing a wealth of useful data on current and historical prices, the report includes the ICIS expert viewpoint with forecasts to help you understand where prices are heading.

The European PP market remains highly volatile due to upstream market activity and demand. Now, more than ever, you need price forecast information you can rely on for you to stay informed and maximise opportunities straight away. Producers, buyers, traders and end-users can all benefit from the ICIS PP Europe price forecast report. Use the report to review your market position, make buying or selling decisions, plan for production or investment activity and negotiate contracts.

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Report features

The ICIS PP Europe Price Report includes all the information you need to make fast and effective decisions on propylene prices, production, budgeting and trade. The report includes all of the details shown below in a concise four-page format that includes commentary, graphs, tables and diagrams.

Price history and forecasts
Current prices, price history, and a rolling 12-month view of forecast prices.

Raw materials
Current price and margin data for European PP.

Supply and demand balances
Historical data on supply and demand balances in graphical and table formats.

Prices and margins
Monthly average margins (standalone and integrated) as well as domestic prices.

The ICIS PP Europe price forecast report also includes key market overview information, summary capacity and trade flow data and explanatory notes.

To discuss the methodology applied and understand more about the forecasts, subscribers to the ICIS PP Europe price forecast report can talk directly to the report author – ICIS consultant, Fabrizio Galiè.

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About the author

Fabrizio Galie’ is a senior member of the ICIS Consulting group, working in the Polymer and Plastics division. Over the course of 11 years’ experience in the petrochemical business, Fabrizio has realized several projects covering commodity polymers and helping companies and industry participants in making informed decisions and taking advantage of opportunities. He has provided market and commercial analyses, industry studies and strategic planning to petrochemical producers, investment firms, financial institutions, plastic processors, consulting companies, and others around the globe. Fabrizio is the author of the ICIS Polypropylene (PP) Europe Price Forecast Report, launched in March 2013, and of the ICIS Polyethylene (PE) Europe Price Forecast Report launched in August 2014. He contributes to periodical multi-client reports, in particular the World Plastics Annual Study, an extensive review of the global commodity plastics industry and markets. He is also a leading contributor to the ICIS Supply and Demand Database.

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ICIS is the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider and has fast-growing chemical, energy and fertilizer divisions.

Our aim is to give companies a competitive advantage. We deliver trusted pricing data, high-value news, analysis and independent consulting, enabling you to make better-informed trading and planning decisions.

In November 2011, we acquired Parpinelli TECNON, an independent data and consulting business specialising in petrochemicals, feedstocks, energy, refining and specialty chemicals. Now with over 30 years of historical supply and demand data as well as future data projections and scenarios through 2030, ICIS can help you explore future global supply and demand trends and improve your planning and research capabilities.

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New Feature: Price Forecast Window

ICIS Price forecasts are now available on the Dashboard channel using the Price Forecast Window.

ICIS Dashboard subscribers who receive the price forecast report will be able to access monthly PE price forecast curves on the ICIS Dashboard with commentary from our analysts, alongside up to 12-months’ worth of historical prices.

This window allows the user to chart the price forecast against the last (rolling) twelve months of related price history. In addition to this, users can plot the last 12 months of price forecasts too enabling them to see how the forecasts have progressed as time has moved on, as well as how accurate the ICIS forecast has been.

Users can convert this data into different currencies and units as well as download this data into excel in order to easily enter into their own calculations.

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Why choose this report?

The ICIS PP Europe price forecast report is an essential tool in making buying and selling decisions. By subscribing to the report, you can easily and quickly assess the Europe PP market in the short- to medium-term and find new ways to gain competitive advantage.

  • Gain insight into current prices for PP in Europe
  • Use price forecasts to see where prices are heading
  • Understand how prices and margins impact profitability
  • Gain insight into upstream propylene market prices and activity
  • Gauge whether prices will go up or down in the short- to medium-term
  • Plan for production activity levels
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