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Petrochemical, energy and fertilizer market intelligence

ICIS data sets provide independent, objective and trusted intelligence for the global petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Available through the subscriber platform, our price reports cover more than 180 commodities, and focus on pricing trends in all major trading regions. Put simply, ICIS provides the information you need to make better-informed business decisions.

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Spot and optimise opportunities with a 360 degree view of the market

Spend less time filtering through all your market information resources, with access to all the data, analysis and tools that you need, all in one place.

New ICIS analytics tools and insight put you in a stronger position so you can optimise your trades, plans and strategies and secure a competitive advantage.

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Trusted intelligence underpinning business decisions

Because we speak directly to market participants, ICIS price reports are trusted by both buyers and sellers. The pricing information, trends and market commentary in our reports are considered to be the most important market reference published today.


This is why a significant volume of global business is concluded using ICIS pricing price assessments.

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“Subscribing to ICIS pricing has been a great investment for us; we’ve already made at least 10 times the cost of the subscription back. I couldn’t survive without the in-depth coverage and information ICIS pricing reports provide.”
Marketing Manager, Argentina


“ICIS pricing really cuts my workload. I like the way your editors talk to lots of suppliers and producers, and I like the way everything is presented in one easy-to-follow report. It’s a good, clear, impartial view of the market.”
Jiangmen Handsome Chemical Development Ltd
Deputy General Manager, China

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“ICIS helps to keep us updated and informed on the latest pricing, market developments & trends on Fertiliser markets. We are applying useful ICIS insights in our business and through the support given by the commentaries we are able to view the market from a different perspective. With ICIS we have access to global information which we gather from different sources to aid in forming a holistic view of where the markets and prices are heading.”
Senior VP Trading

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Why use ICIS price reports?

Understand price drivers and fluctuations

Adapt to emerging market volatility

Mitigate risk using our objective analysis

Conduct evidence-based negotiations with suppliers

Settle contracts based on benchmark prices

Develop internal pricing models

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