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Get a 360-degree view of the chemically recycled polymers market

Brands, retailers and consumers are increasing demand and adoption of recycled polymers across many markets. However, currently the mechanically recycled polymer market is constrained, with global capacity sitting at less than 10% of the entire global capacity for major polymers.

Chemical recycling is an area of growing interest and investment in the world of sustainability as it could bridge the gap in supply and is possibly the only way to reach scale for food-grade packaging recycling.

The ICIS Recycling Supply Tracker – Chemical brings clarity to the recycled plastics market by providing unique insight into chemical recycling projects globally, with a comprehensive view of project status and capacities, enabling users to progress towards their sustainability goals. Covering 145 global projects, it’s is the world’s first interactive database with the ability to filter, download information and connect with suppliers.


Key benefits

  • Accelerate your sustainability initiatives with a competitive advantage

Position yourself at the forefront of the industry with access to the world’s first global coverage of chemical recycling projects. Ensure you deliver on brand pledges and meet your sustainability targets by securing future continuity of supply of recycled plastics for your products and packaging.

  • Connect to suppliers with interactive intelligence

Instantly filter, download and connect with suppliers according to the type of project you are interested in. Equipping you with the data you need to make informed business decisions, get in touch with suppliers directly through provided contact details.

  • Expert data on the latest announcements

Enjoy a comprehensive view of the market with proprietary data sourced by our team of experts who partner and connect with the recycling plastics and packaging markets daily. Covering new announcements as they happen, get the latest insights at once.

  • Spot emerging trends with 18 years of expertise

ICIS has led recycled market expertise for 18 years. Capitalise on emerging opportunities with easy access to trusted and independent data supported by a network of industry relationships.

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