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ICIS Consulting operates independently to the pricing and market information business, leveraging the breadth and depth of ICIS information resources, which is a key to the strength of the solutions we deliver. ICIS Consulting provides a bespoke service that enables businesses to address specific, long term challenges through providing robust proprietary data, on-the-ground expertise, and strategic insight across global petrochemical, energy and refining industries. The value we deliver to our customers comes from our legacy of understanding, anticipating, and navigating ever changing markets and empowering our customers to do the same.

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Whilst our product expert analysts and market specialists track, interpret and translate market developments for customers, the global consulting team, with its diverse background of experienced consultants, provides in depth analysis of all this information offering a confidential, bespoke single client service to deliver customised solutions to address specific problems.

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Our robust, fully integrated, long term price forecasting and business modelling methodology, covering all elements of the supply chain from feedstocks to end products, provides manufacturing businesses with a powerful tool to make sound strategic investment decisions and is now widely used by multinational companies as an independent verification of their own internal analysis.

This capability when combined with detailed market analysis also provides a sound foundation for private and government banks to finance operational improvements, capacity expansions and new projects resulting in ICIS consulting being appointed to undertake lenders market advisory roles in multibillion $ projects.

The consulting team also work to develop methodologies and provide market advisory to support current developments covered within the ICIS Vision & Strategy.

Energy transition

As integrated energy experts, ICIS can evaluate energy sources holistically to make sense of markets across multiple touchpoints so, as markets move towards to more sustainable operating models to align with social ideologies and political commitments, our expert consultants can help you meet your objectives and optimise the value derived from the transition to greener energy resources.

  • World Leader in hydrocarbon exploration, production, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing
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Plastics Circularity

Our global team of consultants and analysts use their experience to help customers navigate immature and emerging markets by working with industry associations and individual companies in mechanical and chemical recycling sectors. We can help you understand the priorities, possibilities and realities of emerging sustainability trends and technologies that consumers are increasingly demanding.

  • Middle Eastern Polyolefin Manufacturer Diversifying into Recycled PP & PE Markets
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Investment evaluation & Portfolio optimisation

Our consultants are unique in their industry expertise so they can approach each project with a practical understanding of the products and markets involved. Clients benefit from our holistic and abundant view of commodity markets and are optimally positioned to capitalise on opportunities as markets undergo unprecedented transitions.