ICIS Presentations during APIC 2016

Over the course of APIC 2016, ICIS experts presented on some of the hot topics, challenges and opportunities facing petrochemical market players. We have made these presentation slides available for you to download, including:

2025: The Petrochemical Odyssey

By: John Richardson, Ee Foong Ewe, Stefano Zehnder

The petrochemical industry has evolved drastically over the past few decades, with fundamental shifts in supply, demand and trade flows. As we look ahead, this presentation ties together the past, present and future of petrochemicals, to explore:

  • Why have key demand drivers changed?
  • Have the fundamentals changed in the basic chemical industry?
  • What’s in store for energy, refining and petrochemical feedstocks?

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Asia olefins & aromatics markets – a turning of the tide?

By: Yeow Pei Lin and Trixie Yap

As the landscape evolves for Asian olefins and aromatics markets, such as ethylene and propylene, industry players are adapting their strategies to reflect the shifting trends and fundamentals. This presentation explores:

  • Key drivers and outlook for the Asia ethylene and propylene markets in 2016
  • A look at the China-US trade flow in benzene and toluene markets
  • The impact of US derivative expansions on the Asian ethylene balance

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Changing flows in the world synthetic elastomers market

By: Dock No

As demand growth slows and oversupply dampens prices, the synthetic elastomers market faces both challenges and opportunities over the medium-to-long term. This presentation analyses the market outlook, covering:

  • Recent surges and crashes in synthetic elastomers, with a focus on Asia
  • The impact of the structural lengthening in Asia on SBR and BR trade flows
  • The interaction of natural and synthetic elastomers – a price substitution myth?

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Navigating through challenges and adapting to a ‘new normal’ in the polyester and PET value chain

By: Bala Ramani

As the prevailing low crude oil environment and surplus capacity force the PET and polyester chain towards a ‘new normal’, ICIS examines the market and feedstock situation, along with the global supply/demand outlook. This presentation covers:

  • Recent and potential trends in the polyester chain (PX, PTA, MEG)
  • The outlook for PET and the polyester chain, in Asia and globally
  • Potential risks, costs and scenarios for PX, PTA and MEG in the future

Download the presentation slides »

Survival strategies of producers in the Asia PU chain – what are they doing to stay on top of the game?

By: Matthew Chong

Faced with continued volatility and growing competition from other regions such as the Middle East, Asia PU players must be savvy to stay ahead in the market. This presentation explores the market situation and strategies for survival.

  • An overview of the chain, including propylene oxide, intermediates and PU foam
  • The supply and demand challenges faced by producers in the PU chain
  • An insight into strategies these players use to stay competitive

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