ICIS Spanish Gas and LNG Forum – A New Dawn?

4 May 2017 | The Westin Palace, Madrid
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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The Spanish gas market is going through a number of fundamental reforms aimed at aligning and integrating the Iberian hub with the wider European market. The focal point has been the enforcement of European gas network code balancing reforms, which has stimulated trading activity at the new Punto Virtual de Balance (PVB), or Virtual Balancing Point.

Amid these domestic structural changes, the wider European gas and global LNG market continues to evolve and shift with growing liquidity, more competition and a global LNG supply glut.

How are these structural changes in Iberia, as well as global LNG market developments reshaping the domestic gas market in Spain, and how can its market participants adapt to this shift?

Join ICIS market experts for this half-day seminar where our editors and analysts will share their latest insights and engage in market dialogue with delegates.

Why should you attend?

  • Get a first-hand update on the latest developments in the Spanish gas market
  • Gain valuable insights into the key European gas hub developments
  • Gain an in-depth market overview of global LNG and its impact on the Spanish market
  • Network with key stakeholders including analysts, editorial and industry leaders

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Brokered Spanish PVB gas trade rockets on the curve

Brokered natural gas liquidity at the Spanish PVB hub has jumped so far in 2017, data from ICIS shows. This is despite a mandate for some volume to be executed on the MIBGAS bourse.

As was expected, following the launch of the new Spanish balancing regime in October 2016 liquidity on the prompt increased dramatically on the exchange.

ICIS data shows that over-the-counter (OTC) prompt trade has risen almost 14-fold year on year to stand at 420GWh, in the period 1 January-10 March, although the start of the current quarter was a period of unusually high demand.

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