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For Petrochemicals, Polymers, Fertilizers and Surfactants

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In the fast-paced chemical, energy and fertilizer industries, decision-making can make or break a business. To make informed choices and plan for the future, it’s crucial to have the latest data, industry knowledge, and a clear picture of the factors affecting your business operations.

Keeping your employees up to date with hot topics and industry developments is essential if they are to make smart business decisions that will propel your company forward. But gathering all of this information requires time and effort – scarce commodities in today’s busy world.

Tailored Training Opportunities

ICIS corporate training is designed around the specific needs of your business, delivering courses that suit the focus, niche and experience level of your employees, to help your workforce realise its full potential.

Whether you’re seeking to train new recruits with no prior knowledge of the industry, or enhance the understanding of your existing employees, ICIS can develop a course suitable for their current level of knowledge and future needs.

Our corporate training opportunities are both time- and cost-effective. All of our industry-specific training seminars are developed in-house, and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Alternatively, ICIS can work with you to create a bespoke training package that’s totally unique to your business.

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Training seminars

ICIS training courses explain the key concepts and fundamentals driving the markets, enabling your employees to expand their knowledge of the business and understand the bigger picture. ICIS training organises a number of training courses – at different levels – at various locations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Europe and the Americas, covering:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Surfactants
  • Polymers
  • Purchasing

Custom training courses

ICIS works alongside our clients to create bespoke training courses that mould our expertise and your specific needs. We’ll pinpoint the current expertise of your employees, areas for improvement, and your business goals, and develop a training course that will bring tangible benefits to your business.

Our custom training courses are delivered as interactive workshops, focusing on the products, concepts and issues that are most relevant and beneficial to you.

  • Save money on transportation and accommodation, with training at a convenient location
  • Flexibility – you determine the length and duration of the sessions
  • Interactive workshops with hands-on exercises, to reinforce key skills, techniques and concepts
  • Take-away the course materials, presentations and background information for future reference

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November 15November 17

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