Recent market disruptors have reaffirmed that to make calculated purchasing decisions, it is important to have a clear grasp of the value stream, operational costs, and factors influencing prices.

The Advanced Purchasing Skills virtual training course offers practical insights that are critical when buying and selling chemicals. It will present you with unique techniques that will help strengthen your purchasing strategies.

Delegates will receive comprehensive insights into different analytical tools, negotiation techniques, and a plan execution that will enable you to navigate the market confidently while minimising risks.



The course will focus on the following areas which are important to all purchasing professionals and decision-makers:

  • Strategy development – identify and prioritise saving opportunities to get the biggest cost reduction as possible
  • Spend classification – this course tackles the different levers in order set priorities strategically
  • Negotiation – learn practical and tried-and-tested negotiation techniques that align your company’s interests with those of your customers
  • Analytical tools – gain practical insight into opportunity analysis in light of understanding the customers’ needs and their priorities
  • Execution and evaluation – follow a step-by-step guide outlining the issues, perceived constraints, related repercussions along with proposed solutions

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Who should attend

The course is suitable to all levels working in areas such as:

  • Sourcing
  • Sales
  • Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Category Managers
  • Purchasing / Procurement
  • Trading
  • Supply Chain
  • Buyers
  • Negotiators
  • Purchasing decision-makers

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$1,600 (+UK VAT at 20% if applicable)*

Register for SEP 28 September-1 October 2021 | 3PM London / 10AM New York time zone friendly for Americas/EMEA

For group bookings of three or more please contact us:

Ali Ahmad Europe/Americas
Tel: +44 207 911 1478

*NB: Please enter your VAT number (or local equivalent) on our payment page, otherwise UK VAT at 20% will be applied. Customers based in the UK will be charged UK VAT at 20% whether or not a VAT number is provided.



All sessions will be accessed virtually from your computer, tablet or mobile, giving you the flexibility of taking the course at your chosen location and device.

  • Live and interactive sessions

Understanding the relevance of getting access to information in real time, the course will be delivered live and will include interactive sessions providing you with a platform to engage with trainers and other delegates.

  • Modular approach

The course will run over 4 days with a total of 12 hours of tuition time. Each module will touch on essential purchasing techniques and strategies helping you to be more prepared than ever



James Ray – Senior Consultant, ICIS

James has worked in the plastics industry, for private equity firms in manufacturing, and recycling, with roles in operations, engineering, sales, purchasing, and general management. Since 2012, James has worked with ICIS Consulting. He has business advisory experience in multiple areas such as:

  • ICIS Consulting on multi-billion dollar investments
  • Sales & Purchasing Contract advisory over billions of dollars in sales & purchases
  • Supply & demand analysis, price forecasting
  • Planning, scheduling & management of key projects
  • Operation cost modelling & activity based costing systems
  • Quality systems management, assessment/adjustment

James is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and other training courses at ICIS, and holds a six sigma black belt and lean manufacturing.


In-House Training

ICIS works alongside our clients to create bespoke training courses that mould our expertise and your specific needs. We will pinpoint the current expertise of your employees, areas for improvement, and your business goals, and develop a training course that will bring tangible benefits to your business.

Our custom training courses are delivered as interactive workshops, focusing on the products, concepts and issues that are most relevant and beneficial to you.

  • Save money on transportation and accommodation, with training at a convenient location
  • Flexibility – you determine the length and duration of the sessions
  • Interactive workshops with hands-on exercises, to reinforce key skills, techniques, and concepts
  • Take-away the course materials, presentations, and background information for future reference

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“Training allows to dive deeper into specific knowledge of purchasing in petrochemical markets. Many case studies from dfferent area help to understand processes, which allows to perform in more effective way in area of strategic procurement.”

Global Purchasing Manager, Rotho Sp. z o.o.


Hear what James Ray has to say about what’s included in this course

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