Our Base Oils II – Product Quality and Global Profitability training course will provide you with relevant insights into the key differences between the base oils groups, their evolving uses, and the changing supply and demand landscape across the globe.

As the industry is changing significantly, it is essential to prepare yourself for what’s ahead in order to navigate the market confidently and equip yourself with fundamental knowledge that will help you strengthen your commercial strategies and achieve business goals.



  • Volatility Requirements: Receive training to understand the technical details of viscosity index (VI), volatility and viscosity relationships
  • Overview of the viscosity & engine oils: Why engine oils matter to all other base oil sectors
  • Global Variations in Base Oil Quality: Gain a deeper understanding as to how the major supplier compare and what their quality differences are
  • Base oil pricing mechanisms: How are base oil prices set?
  • Base oil refinery profitability: Understand profit basics, fuels versus lubes, and what by-products also derive from base oils plants
  • Forecasting methodology: Discover factors to consider when doing a base oil forecast
  • Trends & Ideas: “Survival of the Fittest”

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Who should attend?

This course is suitable to all levels of professionals working in the base oils and lubricants industries who would like to get a solid understanding of the business and its progress including:

  • Base oil producers
  • Base oil marketers and traders
  • Lubricant blenders
  • Additives producers and suppliers
  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Automotive companies



$1,350 (+UK VAT at 20% if applicable)*

Register for OCT 25-27 October 2021 | 10.30AM London time zone friendly for EMEA

Register for DEC 13-15 December 2021 | 2PM London / 9AM New York time zone friendly for Americas/Europe

For group bookings of three or more please contact us:

Jerricor Dayrit Asia/Middle East
Tel: +65 6780 4321

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All sessions will be accessed virtually from your computer, tablet or mobile, giving you the flexibility of taking the course at your chosen location and device.

  • Live and interactive sessions

Understanding the relevance of getting access to information in real time, the course will be delivered live and will include interactive sessions providing you with a platform to engage with trainers and other delegates.

  • Modular approach

The course will run over 3 days with a total of 9 hours of tuition time.



Amy Claxton is a registered professional Chemical Engineer and owns a consulting company called My Energy. Prior to starting her own company in 2001, Amy worked for Dow Chemical, Exxon, and ExxonMobil. After assignments in refinery fuels, chemical, and base oil operations, she became manager for technical services at Exxon’s Baytown, Texas refinery. During the Exxon – Mobil merger, Ms. Claxton was Exxon’s Corporate Base Oil Liaison for senior officials and lawyers at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Exxon, Mobil, and outside law firms

With almost 4 decades in the refining industry, her expertise includes global crude oil quality assessment; fuels and base oil refining technology and economics; and base oil pricing and supply forecasting. In addition, she has 3 decades of expertise involving gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, economics, and intellectual property. Amy recently served as the Refinery Technical Manager for the Calumet Specialty Products refinery in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Amy studied BSc (honours) Chemical Engineering at the A&M University in Texas.

When not involved in oil and gas work, Ms. Claxton enjoys travel, cooking, reading GTL patents for fun, and spending time with her family in Hershey, Pennsylvania and their country house in Quebec, Canada.


In-House Training

ICIS works alongside our clients to create bespoke training courses that mould our expertise and your specific needs. We will pinpoint the current expertise of your employees, areas for improvement, and your business goals, and develop a training course that will bring tangible benefits to your business.

Our custom training courses are delivered as interactive workshops, focusing on the products, concepts and issues that are most relevant and beneficial to you.

  • Save money on transportation and accommodation, with training at a convenient location
  • Flexibility – you determine the length and duration of the sessions
  • Interactive workshops with hands-on exercises, to reinforce key skills, techniques and concepts
  • Take away the course materials, presentations and background information for future reference

To enquire about in-house training for this course, please click here and a member of our team will get back to you.


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