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For chemical and plastics companies, the supply chain can contribute more to the overall carbon footprint than energy use and processes combined, constituting on average more than 80% of overall emissions. With customers, shareholders, and regulators all pushing towards a more sustainable future, it’s never been more important to have reliable, consistent, and comprehensive data on the carbon footprint of the chemical and plastics supply chain.

Unique combination – total transparency

Combining ICIS’ deep understanding of chemical markets with ground-breaking carbon footprint data from Carbon Minds, lifecycle data providers, Supplier Carbon Footprints provides comprehensive and reliable carbon emission data for chemicals by region, plant and supplier.

With Supplier Carbon Footprints, chemical and plastic companies can now visualise carbon footprint data across supply-chains, help identify carbon footprint hotspots, as well as opportunities for their reduction

An immediate impact on Scope 3 emissions

Supplier Carbon Footprints provides carbon emission data on 71 bulk chemicals and plastics used in the production of the vast majority of manufactured goods, down to the region, plant and supplier level. Accessed via an easy-to-use interface, the intelligence can be seamlessly integrated into workflows to help interpret the data more easily.

Supplier Carbon Footprints provides the visibility and granularity required to measure and manage Scope 3 emissions, set emission reduction targets, and benchmark production against competitors.


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“Scope 3 emissions account for 60% of our total emissions. Having reliable data and working with our suppliers to calculate the carbon footprint of our raw materials is one important lever to assess and manage our supply chain in order to positively impact our Scope 3 emissions and achieve our climate targets.”

Richard Haldimann, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, Clariant

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