ICIS offers trusted and reliable market intelligence for the global fertilizer markets. We publish a suite of industry reports which can help you track the market and get a comprehensive view of industry developments.

ICIS information is widely used by key industry participants to support their business decisions – from maximising profits today to identifying opportunities/risks to business in the longer term.

  • Regional price assessments
  • Extensive China coverage
  • Price forecasts
  • Supply and demand data
  • Information on deals and trade volumes
  • Real-time market news and alerts


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ICIS meets IOSCO’s PRA Principles for the fifth year in a row

ICIS publishes independent spot/contract prices for all key fertilizer commodities to help you make profitable trading decisions. ICIS price reports include information and analysis of price drivers, concluded deals, market developments, as well as short-term trends. In addition, we also publish individual price forecast reports for urea, ammonia and phosphates.

  • Negotiate using independent price assessments
  • Identify opportunities using reliable forecasts and analysis
  • Understand price drivers and fluctuations


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