Built for the international global fertilizers business,  the market includes ammonia, nitrogen, phosphates, potash, and sulphur so you have a single source of insights, information and analytics in one place.

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Why choose The Market weekly fertilizers report?

The Market is essential for supporting contract negotiations, monitoring the competition, developing price formulae, identifying new opportunities, budgeting and planning. This powerful view includes the latest fertilizer prices, news and agricultural insights, price drivers, freight and shipment data, spot sales, hedging activity and supply/demand trends.

The Market provides:

  • Global/Regional views of fertilizer commodities
  • Fertilizer prices/price drivers and fluctuations
  • Commentary and summary of recent spot sales (export vs import)
  • Supply and demand trends
  • Plant production news
  • Agricultural insights

The Market enables you to:

  • Optimise contract negotiations (benchmark fertilizer prices)
  • Develop internal price formulae
  • Track how competitors are doing
  • Gain insight into perceived fertilizer market trends (swaps and commentary)
  • Identify extra supply/demand opportunities as an opportunity to sell/buy

The unique ICIS approach

The unique ICIS approach

Holistic and trusted information

Our extensive coverage of global chemicals and IOSCO endorsed expertise means that ICIS is relied on to deliver a complete chain of information.

In-depth knowledge from the market-place

As a fertilizer market intelligence provider, we also include insights on agriculture – an important perspective for fertilizer market players. We also hold 20 years of extensive historical data to further enrich your understanding and planning.

Complex analytics made simple

Our unique quantitative approach means we give you insights and analysis that are easy to review and assimilate – saving you time and effort and ensuring you make the right decisions quickly.

A confident approach to risk management

We are trusted to support risk management decision making. An index of ICIS and Profercy prices is used in 100% of all fertilizer swaps. We also have seven ICIS quotes that are apart of the CME swaps/futures index.

Delivery Platforms

The ICIS Dashboard is a single, online platform that offers an instant, detailed view of the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets.


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