ICIS at APLA 2015

ICIS at APLA 2015

Dates: 8-10 November
Suite: Coral Island Room 2
Location: Hotel Americana Grand Coral Beach

ICIS is excited to be exhibiting at the APLA conference, showcasing our portfolio of products and services.

If you're attending APLA, make sure to visit us. We will be there throughout the conference and look forward to learning more about you and your business.

 Meet with ICIS at APLA

ICIS can help you plan for the future while supporting your decision-making today:

  • Prices – benchmark pricing data to drive your negotiations
  • News – breaking news gives you insight into the factors driving markets
  • Analysis – market data and expertise help you plan and make informed decisions

ICIS Dashboard

ICIS DashboardThe ICIS Dashboard, a timely and convenient solution for delivering your chemical pricing and market information. From pricing information and global trade activities, to supply and demand and breaking news. The ICIS Dashboard provides users with a customisable view of the factors affecting market conditions – all in a single screen.

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Supply and demand

Supply and DemandICIS publishes historical and forecast data of imports/exports, plant capacities, production and consumption for over 100 petrochemical markets. Get a breakdown by region or by country.

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Consultancy services - Tailored solutions to support your unique requirements

Consultancy services From research and due diligence, to investment analysis and portfolio optimisation, our team of experienced consultants will work alongside your business to identify challenges, mitigate risks, and help you meet your growth objectives.

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Latest news from ICIS


The monthly ICIS Petrochemical Index (IPEX)



Published at the beginning of each month, the Global IPEX provides a capacity-weighted measure of the average change in petrochemical prices over time. 

Regional data downloads are available for Asia, Europe and US.

ICIS Petrochemicals Flowchart

ICIS Petrochemicals Flowchart

ICIS has designed a flowchart to help you follow the complex path of petrochemicals from raw materials into everyday applications.

The chart helps you trace the refining and processing of hydro-carbon based raw materials and feedstocks, to building blocks and their derivatives, right up to their application in everyday products.



ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies


The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies 2015 listing highlights the top players in the global chemical industry.

Most chemical companies found it difficult to generate top line and profit growth in 2015 following a strong performance in 2014. 

  Meet the team attending APLA

James Ray, Senior Consultant

James Ray is a Senior Consultant for ICIS. He can be reached at James.Ray@icis.com

George Martin, Senior Consultant

George Martin is a Senior Consultant for ICIS. He can be reached at George.Martin@icis.com

Stephen Burns Editorial Director, Operations

Stephen Burns is the Editorial Director for ICIS, looking after content in the Americas, Europe and Africa. he can be reached at Stephen.Burns@icis.com

Jeremy Pafford, Managing Editor Americas

Jeremy Pafford is the Managing Editor for ICIS Americas. He can be reached at Jeremy.Pafford@icis.com or @ICIS_Jeremy

Barbara Ortner, Head of Market Reporting

Barbara Ortner is the Head of Market Reporting globally. She can be reached at Barbara.Ortner@icis.com or @barbaraortner

William Lemos, Managing Editor Europe

William Lemos is the Managing Editor for Europe. He can be reached at William.Lemos@icis.com or @ICIS_William

Joseph Chang Global Editor

Joseph Chang is the Global Editor for ICIS Chemical Business magazine. He can be reached at Joseph.Chang@icis.com or @ICBchief

Al Greenwood Deputy News Editor

Al Greenwood is the Deputy News Editor for the Americas region. He can be reached at Al.Greenwood@icis.com or @ICIS_Al

Ron Coifman Senior Editor

Ron Coifman is a senior editor in the Americas region covering Latin America polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda and PET, as well as US polyols, isocyanates, and propylene oxide. He can be reached at Ronald.Coifman@icis.com

Lane Kelley, Market Editor

Lane Kelley is a Market Editor for ICIS. He can be reached at Lane.Kelley@icis.com

Marianela Toledo, Market Editor

Marianela Toledo is a Market Editor for ICIS. She can be reached at Marianela.Toledo@icis.com

Angela Garzon, Deputy VP Key Account Sales

Angela Garzon is  Deputy VP of  Key Account Sales. She can be reached at  Angela.Garzon@icis.com

Bettina Vogel, Senior Account Manager

Bettina Vogel is a Senior Account Manager at ICIS. She can be reached at Bettina.Vogel@icis.com

Joe Prater, Key Account Manager

Joe Prater is a Key Account Manager for ICIS. He can be reached at Joe.Prater@icis.com

Beth Daniels, Key Accounts Manager-Supply and Demand

Beth Daniels is the Key Account Manager for the Supply and Demand database. She can be reached at Beth.Daniels@icis.com

Karen Yaniro, Classified Sales Representative

Karen Yaniro is a Classified Sales Representative at ICIS. She can be reached at  Karen.Yaniro@icis.com

US October propylene contracts roll over

HOUSTON (ICIS)--US October propylene contracts settled at a rollover for the majority of the market, sources confirmed, amid supply and demand... Tue, 16 Oct 2018

PODCAST: Recent expansions do not signal new wave - Petrochemicals Europe

LONDON (ICIS)--Announcements of expansions by Europe-based chemical producers are unlikely to herald a new wave of projects in the region, according... Tue, 16 Oct 2018

EU chemicals bodies call for UK to stay in Reach after Brexit talks stall

LONDON (ICIS)--EU chemicals trade group Cefic and other chemicals industry bodies have made the most public call yet for the UK to remain within the... Tue, 16 Oct 2018

BLOG: Petrochemicals must face up to multiple challenges

LONDON (ICIS)-- Click here  to see the latest blog post on Chemicals & The Economy by Paul Hodges, which looks at the major challenges discussed at... Mon, 15 Oct 2018

Beyond Ethylene XXI

Beyond Ethylene XXI

The main issue today is feedstock. Mexico's Ethylene XXI cracker, when it starts up in December 2015, will consume just about all the ocuntry's excess ethane.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab your copy of the ICB magazine at APLA, download the latest issue.

Our global team of expert ICIS reporters cover all the key issues, prices trends and projects driving the world’s chemical markets – all in one magazine.

New for 2015 Global Automotive Report

New for 2015 Global Automotive Report

ICIS has launched a Global Automotive report covering the major automotive chemicals markets, and auto-industry and macroeconomic trends.

For more information on the report and details on how to subscribe, please email automotive@icis.com

You can also visit our suite during EPCA and meet Mark Victory, Senior Editor, Manager.  He can be reached at mark.victory@icis.com or +44 20 8652 8703

Coming soon...

EPCA - Excel Plug-in

ICIS Excel Plug-in, the smarter, faster and easier way to access the pricing information you need.

  • Download up to 250 price series in one go
  • Integrate data into your existing calculations and models
  • Update worksheets with a single click
  • Updates are highlighted, to help you pinpoint developments