ICIS Carbon Market Seminar 2016

Carbon Market Seminar

Venue: CCT Venues, Bank Street, London
Date:  28-29 September 2016

ICIS Tschach Solutions is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a Carbon Market Seminar in September in London.

The Carbon Market Seminar will provide you with the opportunity to meet with EU ETS market movers and discuss where prices are heading. This event will be divided into two sessions. There will be a complimentary drinks reception taking place after the International session on September 28 from 17:30 - 21:00 GMT.

Global session: 28 September, 13:00-17:30 GMT (free access)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Developments in Global Carbon Markets

  • The Chinese carbon market(s)
  • The US carbon markets
  • The European carbon market

EU ETS session: 29 September, 10:00-15:45 GMT (for customers or by invitation only)

Around the EU ETS in one day - Fundamentals, behaviour and policy

  • State of play and market movers
  • Power session: domestic EU measures
  • Industry session: a transaction log analysis

For more information on the seminar, please contact Roderick Bishop.

Register for the ICIS Carbon Market Seminar

Why should you attend the seminar?

  • Understand market drivers: How behaviour of key players is changing the market
  • Getting the forecast right: Insights from key market players
  • Regaining focus: Understanding the implications of the discussion around crucial Post-2020 reform elements such as benchmarks, carbon leakage and the allocation process
  • Making the links you need: Networking with those who move the emission markets

Networking Drinks

Time: 17:30 - 21:00

Date: Wednesday, September 28

Venue: Ibérica Canary Wharf

We hope you can attend our complimentary networking event and meet with traders, industry leaders and ICIS analysts. The event is sponsored by EEX and it will be held in the evening after the ICIS Carbon Market Seminar.

Meet the ICIS team attending Carbon Market Seminar 2016

Jan Ahrens

Jan Ahrens, Director Market Analysis

Jan is the director market analysis and heads the carbon analytics at ICIS Tschach Solutions. He can be reached at jan.ahrens@icis.com.

Justin Banrey

Justin Banrey, Manager – Key Accounts for EU ETS, China, CA/QC, RGGI and DE Spot market

Justin is managing sales and commercial relationships for the Tschach Solutions division of ICIS in Europe and U.S. He can be reached at justin.banrey@icis.com.

Judith Schroeter

Judith Schroeter, Lead Analyst – US Carbon & Global Offsets

Judith is the lead analyst for the US (RGGI, California/Quebec) markets at ICIS Tschach Solutions, as well as the key contact for international offset markets. She can be reached at judith.schroeter@icis.com.

Philipp Ruf

Philipp Ruf, Lead Analyst – EU Carbon Markets

Philipp is the lead analyst for the EU ETS at ICIS Tschach Solutions. He heads the EU carbon analytics team. He can be reached at philipp.ruf@icis.com.

Vincent Ehrmann

Vincent Ehrmann, Senior Analyst – EU Carbon Markets

Vincent is an analyst in the EU carbon analytics team at ICIS Tschach Solutions. He works on fundamental analysis with a special focus on emissions forecasting for the European power sector. He can be reached at vincent.ehrmann@icis.com.

Stefan Feuchtinger

Stefan Feuchtinger, Analyst – EU Carbon Markets

Stefan is an analyst in the EU carbon analytics team at ICIS Tschach Solutions. He focuses on qualitative analysis and can be reached at stefan.feuchtinger@icis.com.

Alina Mihai

Alina Mihai, EU Carbon Market Analyst

Alina is an EU Carbon Market Analyst for ICIS. She is leading a major behaviour project, analysing the EU transaction log. She can be reached at alina.mihai@icis.com.

Sisi Tang

Sisi Tang, Chinese Carbon Markets Analyst

Sisi is a Chinese Carbon Markets Analyst for ICIS. She is leading the work on the price forecast for the national Chinese carbon market. She can be reached at tangsisi@icis-china.com.

Jonathan Njenje

Jonathan Njenje, Key Account Manager

Jonathan manages relationships for the ICIS Tschach Solutions Carbon division of ICIS in Europe and US. He can be reached at jonathan.njenje@icis.com.