ICIS at EPCA 2014

BLOG: Petrochemicals must face up to multiple challenges

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Europe top stories: weekly summary

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EPCA '18: Cheap bunker fuel post-2020 out, shippers to rely on oil majors - Hapag-Lloyd

LONDON (ICIS)--Haggling for cheap fuel may no longer be the top concern for shippers who consider access to correct fuels and compatibility between... Fri, 12 Oct 2018

Europe 2019 cracker turnarounds in focus

The hefty scheduled cracker maintenance slate in the spring of 2019 is looming large and remains at the forefront of most European olefins players’... Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Covestro's new US MDI project in line with strategy

Germany-based Covestro’s decision to locate its new methyl di-p-phenylene isocyanate (MDI) plant in the US follows its 
long-term strategy of having... Thu, 11 Oct 2018

ICIS at EPCA 2014

About ICIS at the 48th EPCA Annual Meeting
4th – 8th October

ICIS showcases its portfolio of services during the EPCA conference in Vienna in October.

If you’re attending EPCA, visit our hospitality suite, Salon Lehar, in the InterContinental Hotel - open throughout the conference.

ICIS can help you plan for the future while supporting your decision-making today:

  • Prices – benchmark pricing data to drive your negotiations
  • News – breaking news gives you insight into the factors driving markets
  • Analysis – market data and expertise help you plan and make informed decisions
  • Consulting – global advisory services to support your individual business goals

Demo new features on the ICIS Dashboard:

  • Flexibility - change the frequency of quotes to view as an average
    • Quotes can be displayed, charted and downloaded, in a range of time intervals
  • Save time - create a ‘My Favourites’ list
    • Select and set your favourites to quickly access your most-referenced reports
  • Price forecast and Supply & Demand data available

Visit the ICIS suite during EPCA to collect your free sample ICIS price forecast report.

Reports are available for Benzene Europe, Polypropylene Europe, Asia and US, Polyethylene Europe, Asia and US.

An expert view of supply and demand:

  • Consistent databases for S&D, capacities, production, consumption and ownership
  • From crude oil through refined products to petrochemicals
  • Data spanning 160 countries and 100 markets, including an in-depth view of China
  • Historical and forecast data from 1978 – 2030

Benchmark pricing data to:

  • Inform your contract negotiations
  • Trade with confidence
  • Build trust, knowing that prices are based on independent data

Meet with ICIS at EPCA

If you’re going to be at EPCA, why not come by our hospitality suite to meet the team?

You’ll find us in Salon Lehar in the InterContinental Hotel from 5th – 7th October.

Join us for a drinks reception in our hospitality suite on Sunday 5th October from 12.30 – 5.30 pm.

Alternatively you can schedule a meeting during EPCA with one of the team if you prefer.

News from ICIS editors attending EPCA


EPCA - Reshaping the Future

EPCA - Reshaping the Future

The future of Europe’s petrochemicals sector is analysed in a special petrochemicals feature produced by ICIS editors in association with EPCA, on the occasion of its Annual Meeting in Vienna next month.

Feedstocks, energy, assets restructuring and talent are all covered; there is also a news roundup and a focus on the European olefins and polyolefins markets





  Meet the Team attending EPCA

Kieran Cosgrove, Senior Consultant

Kieran Cosgrove is a Senior Consultant reporting on Global Olefins & Derivatives for ICIS Italia.

He can be reached at Kieran.P.Cosgrove@icis.com

Stefano Zehnder, Senior Consultant

Stefano Zehnder is a Senior Consultant for Global Refining & Petrochemical Feedstocks. He can be reached at Stefano.Zehnder@icis.com

Paul Ray, Head of Consulting & Analytics

Paul Ray is the Head of Consulting & Analytics at ICIS. He can be reached at Paul.Ray@icis.com

Stephen Burns, Editorial Director

Stephen Burns is the Editorial Director for ICIS, looking after content in the Americas, Europe and Africa. He can be reached at Stephen.Burns@icis.com

Nigel Davis, Insight Editor

Nigel Davis is an Insight Editor, he researches and writes daily comments and analysis on the global chemicals industry. He can be reached at Nigel.Davis@icis.com

William Lemos, Managing Editor Europe

William Lemos is the Managing Editor for Europe. He can be reached at William.Lemos@icis.com or @ICIS_William

Truong Mellor, Senior Editor

Truong Mellor is a Senior Editor for the Aromatics market in Europe. He can be reached at Truong.Mellor@icis.com or @Truong_ICIS

Caroline Murray, Senior Editor

Caroline Murray is a Senior Editor at ICIS. She can be reached at Caroline.Murray@icis.com or @ICISCaroline

Barbara Ortner, Head of Market Reporting

Barbara Ortner is the Head of Market Reporting globally. She can be reached at Barbara.Ortner@icis.com or @barbaraortner

Jeremy Pafford, Managing Editor Americas

Jeremy Pafford is the Managing Editor for ICIS Americas. He can be reached at Jeremy.Pafford@icis.com or @ICIS_Jeremy

Helena Strathearn, Senior Editor

Helena Strathearn is a Senior Editor and focuses on European petrochemical markets, producing price reports, market analysis, real-time news and in-depth articles. She can be reached at Helena.Strathearn@icis.com or @HelenaICIS

Matt Tudball, Markets Editor

Mattt Tudball is a markets editor reporting on European activity for ABS, SAN, PE Pipe, Glycol Ethers and Propylene Glycol Ethers (PGE). He can be reached at Matt.Tudball@icis.com or @ICISMattTudball

Mark Victory, Senior editor manager

Mark Victory is a Senior editor manager at ICIS for Europe. He can be reached at Mark.Victory@icis.com or @mvictory_icis

Nel Weddle, Deputy Managing Editor

Nel Weddle is Deputy Managing Editor and reports on Olefins in Europe. She can be reached at Nel.Weddle@icis.com or @nelweddleICIS

Heidi Finch, Senior Manager Editor

Heidi Finch is a Senior Manager Editor Europe. She can be reached at Heidi.Finch@icis.com or @heidifinchICIS

Jo Pitches, Markets Editor

Jo Pitches is a Markets Editor in covering African Polymers and European solvents. She can be reached at Joanne.Pitches@icis.com or @Jo_ICIS

Rhian O'Connor, Senior Markets Editor

Rhian O'Connor is a Senior Markets Editor. She can be reached at Rhian.O'Connor@icis.com or @RhianICIS

Ross Yeo, Market Editor

Ross Yeo is a Market Editor at ICIS. He can be reached by email at Ross.Yeo@icis.com or @RossICIS

Chris Barker, Markets reporter

Chris Barker is a Markets reporter covering petrochemicals in Europe. He can be reached at Chris.Barker@icis.com or @icis_cbarker


Videos from the event

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: ICIS highlights mobile app, compliance developments

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: ICIS highlights mobile app, compliance developments

ICIS editorial director Stephen Burns talks about the mobile web app and compliance developments at the European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA) annual meeting.

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: ICIS insight editor discusses Europe petchems

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: ICIS insight editor discusses Europe petchems

ICIS Insight Editor Nigel Davis speaks about the latest developments in the European petrochemicals industry on the sidelines of the 48th annual European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) meeting.

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: Latest developments in Europe aromatics market

EPCA '14 - VIDEO: Latest developments in Europe aromatics market

European aromatics editor Truong Mellor discusses the latest market developments at the European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA) annual meeting.


Free Market Intelligence

ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies


The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies 2015 listing highlights the top players in the global chemical industry.

Most chemical companies found it difficult to generate top line and profit growth in 2015 following a strong performance in 2014. 

Europe chemicals in a global context – challenges and opportunities

Europe chemicals in a global context – challenges and opportunities

Download ICIS deputy editor Will Beacham's presentation given at the second ICIS PET conference in Amsterdam in March 2014 - he covers the challenges and opportunities in the European chemicals in a global context.

The monthly ICIS Petrochemical Index (IPEX)



Published at the beginning of each month, the Global IPEX provides a capacity-weighted measure of the average change in petrochemical prices over time. 

Regional data downloads are available for Asia, Europe and US.



Market outlook: Mixed opinions on Europe butanediol 2014 outlook

Market outlook: Mixed opinions on Europe butanediol 2014 outlook

Views on possible demand for European butanediol (BDO) in 2014 are varied as the Europe economy continues to give mixed signals. BDO downstream construction and automotive sectors are not yet strong and output remains modest.

Market outlook: Asia caustic soda

Market outlook: A stable start to 2014 for Asia caustic soda

Tight availability of Asia liquid caustic soda cargoes should keep spot prices stable for Q1 say market players. Chlor-alkali facilities in the region are carefully monitoring operating rates. Ethylene feedstock prices remain high. Chlorine-derivative prices are weak.