ICIS at the GPCA Annual Forum 2015

17-19 November 2015, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Meet with ICIS during the 10th Annual GPCA Forum

Drop by the ICIS exhibition stand (Booth F50 in the Joharah Ballroom) during GPCA, to discover how we can help you navigate through continued changes in the chemicals landscape.

  • Get a copy of the ICIS Special Publication on Scenario Planning
  • Pick up a copy of the ICIS petrochemicals flow chart
  • Learn more about the enhanced dashboard features
  • And much more...
ICIS Special Publication: Scenario Planning for 2016 and Beyond
ICIS Special Publication

This special publication is packed with valuable insight from the ICIS Consulting team, to guide your planning in these volatile times. From essential steps and the underlying principles of scenario planning, to market shifts and their impact on petrochemicals trading dynamics and cycles, it’s a must-have resource for industry players.

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ICIS can help you plan for the future while supporting your decision-making today:

Benchmark pricing data to drive your contract negotiations
Pricing Data

We produce reliable price assessments and analysis for over 180 commodities, including price histories and forecasts, which you can use as a benchmark in contract price settlements, as well as better understand why prices have moved and where the market is headed in the short-term.

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Enhanced pricing intelligence services via the ICIS Dashboard
ICIS Dashboard

ICIS Dashboard, our one-stop online platform for chemical market intelligence, now includes an Excel plugin that allows you to download up to 250 price series in one go, and integrate the data into your existing models. In addition, price forecast data for selected commodities will now be available as a new window.

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Deep insight and key tools to help you plan for the future

Supply and demand database
Supply and Demand

An online database giving end-to-end perspective across the global petrochemical and refinery supply chain, enabling you to grasp the local or regional scenario against the global context. Data includes import and export volumes, consumption, plant capacities, production and product trade flows – from 2005 up to 2025 – by product, country and region.

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Annual Studies
ICIS Dashboard

The ICIS Consulting team interprets the data from our Supply & Demand database, to deliver valuable insight into what the future might look like, published as a book. It takes into account historical trends, the current market scenario, economic landscape and foreseen developments, with detailed analysis. Global or China-only coverage available.

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One-to-one Consulting Service
ICIS one-on-one Consulting

ICIS one-on-one consulting digs deep into your business. We deliver tailored solutions based on your unique requirements – from research and due diligence, to investment analysis and portfolio optimisation.

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  Meet the team attending GPCA Annual Forum 2015

John Richardson

Senior Consultant

ICIS Consulting

Michael Perkins

Vice President, EMEA

ICIS Consulting

Kieran Cosgrove

Senior Consultant

ICIS Consulting

John Baker

Global Editor

Muhamad Fadhil

Regional Manager, Middle East and North Africa


Chow Bee Lin

Head of Asia Markets

Peh Soo Hwee

Managing Editor, Asia and Middle East

Jeremy Pafford

Managing Editor, Americas

William Lemos

Managing Editor, Europe

Matt Tudball

Senior Editor

Barbara Ortner

Head of Market Reporting

Tahir Ikram

News Editor

Nurluqman Suratman

News Reporter

Christopher Flook

Managing Director

Jeremy Weil

Product Director

Allison Farone

Global VP Sales

Dan Barnard

VP Sales

Seet Tiong Boon

Key Account Manager

Frederic Blanc

Senior Key Account


John Hill

Global Sales Director

Tom Iredale

Advertising and Sales


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SABIC, Clariant high performance materials tie-up first step to takeover – Baader

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US tariffs against China to have limited impact on fertilizers

LONDON (ICIS)--The US tariffs against China are not likely to have any major impact on the fertilizers market, even though the final list includes... Tue, 18 Sep 2018

China imposes countermeasures to new round of US tariffs

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US to impose tariffs on $200bn worth of Chinese imports, may add more

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New Study: How to survive in today’s chaotic petrochemical markets

New Study: How to survive in today’s chaotic petrochemical markets

A joint report by ICIS Consulting and International eChem, this study answers 5 critical questions that petrochemical companies currently face:

  • Can companies still plan ahead for demand by simply using a relevant multiple for each product, in relation to an IMF GDP growth forecast?
  • Can they continue to assume that oil prices will eventually return to recent highs, or are prices more likely to return to the lower levels seen before 2004?
  • Do China’s policies mark a complete change of direction from its previous role as the manufacturing capital of the world?
  • Will today’s globally ageing population maintain the same levels of demand for autos, housing, electronics etc, as in the past?
  • Should companies focus on new growth areas for demand, in potential megatrend areas such as water, food, shelter, health, mobility and the environment?

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EPCA - Excel Plug-in

ICIS Excel Plug-in, the smarter, faster and easier way to access the pricing information you need.

  • Download up to 250 price series in one go
  • Integrate data into your existing calculations and models
  • Update worksheets with a single click
  • Updates are highlighted, to help you pinpoint developments