ICIS at the Ontario Cap and
Trade Forum 2018

18-19 April, Beanfield Centre, Toronto

What does WCI linkage mean for Ontario industries and post-2020 rules?

Chair: Dan McGraw
Date and time: 18 April, 1:30 pm
Location: Main Floor Ballroom

Join our market expert as he covers the most important factors and key developments affecting the carbon markets including:

  • How has linkage affected Ontario market participants – what are the main benefits and potential drawbacks?
  • Beyond the auction, what program areas are expected to be harmonized?
  • What does linkage mean for carbon allowances and offsets – are they fully fungible?
  • Are carbon offset rules and restrictions expected to be further synthesized?
  • How much is Ontario expected to follow California’s post-2020 regulation?
  • Are key decisions on cap decline factors, pricing and free allowances expected to continue to be set by each jurisdiction?
  • Experts' views on how California’s implementation of a price ceiling could affect Ontario and Quebec – is this expected to be harmonized?
  • What are the current expectations for WCI linking to international carbon markets?

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Meet the team attending Ontario Cap and Trade Forum

Jackie Cooley

Jackie Cooley

Lead Analyst


Dan McGraw

Dan McGraw

Market Strategist – US Carbon Markets


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