ICIS China Carbon Seminar 2016

ICIS China Carbon Seminar 2016

When: 27th and 28th October 2016

Where: Beijing, China

Venue: Laomaoer Coffee, Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park, Chaoyang

ICIS is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a two-day, bilingual carbon market seminar about the Chinese Carbon Market in Beijing in October.

The China Carbon Seminar 2016 will provide you with an in-depth update of Chinese emissions trading with a focus on offsets and the national ETS, as well as extensive networking opportunities with global and local stakeholders.

The seminar will be held in both Mandarin and English and will be split across two days. At the end of the first day, there will be a networking reception.

Day One: Market Essentials

Primarily focussed on new entrants to Chinese emissions trading, the first day will provide participants with the 101 of emissions trading, some lessons learnt from the pilot schemes in China and a simulation game of carbon asset management.

Day Two: Insights into the looming National ETS

Participants will be able to get latest updates on the looming national carbon market from ICIS experts and NDRC officials, an update on the CCER offset market as well as a panels discussion with market participants.

Participation is included in the China carbon analytics subscriptions or by invitation only.

For further information, please contact Sherry Gan at sherrygan@icis-china.com

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Register for the ICIS China Carbon Market Seminar

Why should you attend the seminar?

  • Learn about latest regulation from NDRC officials
  • Understand current trends in the exisiting carbon market
  • Get an update on the CCER market
  • Network with domestic and international companies

Networking Drinks

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Time: 4:30PM

Date: Thursday, 27th October

Venue: Laomaoer Coffee

We hope you can attend our complimentary networking event and meet with compliance companies, traders, government officials and ICIS analysts. The event is sponsored by EEX and it will be held in the evening after the first day of the China Carbon Seminar.

Meet the ICIS team attending Carbon Market Seminar 2016

Simon Chen

Simon Chen, Manager – Lead Analyst Chinese Carbon Markets

Simon is the lead analyst for Chinese Carbon Markets. He can be reached at simonchen@icis-china.com.

Sisi Tang

Sisi Tang, Chinese Carbon Markets Analyst

Sisi is a Chinese Carbon Markets Analyst for ICIS. She is leading the work on the price forecast for the national Chinese carbon market. She can be reached at tangsisi@icis-china.com.

Iris Chen

Iris Chen, Junior Analyst Chinese Carbon Markets

Iris is a Junior Analyst for Chinese Cabon Markets. She can be reached at irischen@icis-china.com.

Liu Liang

Liu Liang, Key Accounts Manager Chinese Carbon Markets

Liu is the Key Accounts Manager for Chinese Carbon Markets. He can be reached at liuliang@icis-china.com.

Sherry Gan

Sherry Gan, Commercial Manager Chinese Carbon Markets

Sherry is the Commercial Manager for Chinese Carbon Markets. She can be reached at sherrygan@icis-china.com.

Philipp Ruf

Philipp Ruf, Lead Analyst – EU Carbon Markets

Philipp is the lead analyst for the EU ETS at ICIS Tschach Solutions. He heads the EU carbon analytics team. He can be reached at philipp.ruf@icis.com.

Justin Banrey

Justin Banrey, Manager – Key Accounts for EU ETS, China, CA/QC, RGGI and DE Spot market

Justin is managing sales and commercial relationships for the Tschach Solutions division of ICIS in Europe and U.S. He can be reached at justin.banrey@icis.com.