ICIS China Oil seminar 2018

New China, New World:
The facts, risks and opportunities

Park Plaza County Hall, London
19 February, 2pm - 5pm

China grew to become the largest crude importer and second-largest liquid natural gas (LNG) importer in 2017. However, there is huge restructuring in the world’s biggest energy-consuming country: macroeconomic drivers, consumption structures, financing policies, and in industrial trends of shared bikes and cars, electric cars, coal-gas, ethanol gasoline.. With all these changing dynamics, where is China headed? How can its market participants adapt to these shifts?

Furthermore, China is settling into its new positions as a world-scale refining hub, as well as the largest gasoline and middle distillate exporter in Asia. What is the likely impact on global trading? What are the risks and opportunities for trading companies?

ICIS is pleased to offer a free seminar on China oil and gas markets during the IP week in London. Join our market experts for this half-day seminar where our consultants share their insights on the latest market developments that could affect companies trading with China.

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Why should you attend?

  • Learn about the key developments in China's oil and gas markets
  • Gain an insight into the opportunities and challenges when trading with China
  • Understand the important market developments in China and their impact on trading as well as on supply and demand.
  • Network with key stakeholders including analysts, traders and industry leaders


Liao Na

Liao Na, ICIS Vice President Strategy, China

Liao Na is overseeing China's strategy and government affairs at ICIS. She has over 15 years analytic and consulting experience in the energy market, covering crude/refinery, distillate, fuel oil, LPG, natural gas and coal. She can be reached on na.liao@icis.com

Patricia Tao

Patricia Tao, ICIS Principal Analyst, Analytics and Consulting, China

Patricia is currently the head of the refinery analytics team in ICIS China, focusing on refinery operation and analysis. She has over 12 years’ experience in energy market. She can be reached on patricia.tao@icis.com