ICIS at NACW 2016

ICIS at NACW 2016, May 4-6

ICIS is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at NACW 2016 in San Diego, California on May 4 -6. Along with exhibiting, ICIS very own Lead Analyst Judith Schroter has been asked to speak at the conference. Judith Schroeter will discuss the current state of the California cap-and-trade market. Schroeter will also discuss how the secondary market has developed as well as issuances in the offset market. Don't miss this exiciting event, stop by booth #100 to speak with an ICIS representative. 

Offset California Presentation

Date: May 4th 2016

Time: 5:00p.m.

Room: Skyline

Venue: Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego California

Attend our free presentation on Offsets in California's cap-and-trade programme at NACW. We will delve into the state of play, and how it could develop over the next few years.

Our presentation will cover

  • State of the offset market
  • Recent trends in the offset market
  • Demand expectations for offsets in CA, QC and Ontario
  • Issuance forecast for CCOs both short-term and long-term through 2020

NACW 2016 will take a close look at domestic and international climate policy, carbon markets and green investments. Session topics will include U.S. and North American climate policy, the road after Paris, the current status and future growth of California’s historic cap-and-trade program, other established and emerging carbon markets, state-level activity under the Clean Power Plan, green bonds, risk management strategies and other innovative environmental initiatives.

Latest news from ICIS reporters at the conference


Meet the Team attending NACW

Dan McGraw, Market Reporter

Dan McGraw is a Market Reporter for ICIS.

He can be reached at Dan.McGraw@icis.com

Jackie Cooley, Analyst

Jackie Cooley is a Analyst for ICIS. She can be reached at Jackie.Cooley@icis.com

Judith Schroeter, Analyst

Judith Schroeter is a Analyst. She can be reached at Judith.Schroeter@icis.com

Justin Banrey, Key Account Manager

Justin Banrey is a Key Account Manager for ICIS. He can be reached at Justin.Banrey@icis.com

Jonathan Njenje, Key Account Manager

Jonathan is a Key Account Manager for ICIS. He can be reached at Jonathan.Njenje@icis.com

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