ICIS at Plast 2015

ICIS at Plast 2015

Event date: 5-9 May 2015

Event Venue: Fiera Milano Fairgrounds, Milan 

Visit our stand, D65, in exhibition hall 11. 

On the stand we will have ICIS consultants, editors and account managers who will be happy to chat to you. We will be showcasing over 180 chemical pricing reports such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PET, SBR, NBR as well as ICIS News, ICIS Supply & Demand and our forecasting reports


The ICIS PE Europe price forecast report provides a wealth of useful data on current, historical and forecast prices for both Polyethylene and Ethylene, to help support your strategic decision making, planning and forecasting.

Use ICIS PE price report to:

  • Gain insight into global PE market price trends
  • Make buying or selling decisions
  • Plan for production or investment activity
  • Negotiate contracts

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The European ICIS Polypropylene (PP) report features price movements, plant shutdowns, indications of supply and demand balance, exchange rate movements and imports in Europe. The report is widely used as a benchmark in the European market. It includes spot and domestic pricing for Europe, delivered prices in the domestic Russian market, cost and freight prices in Turkey, the world’s second largest importer of PP (after China).

Use ICIS Polypropylene price report to:

  • Buy or sell with confidence
  • Clarify settlements and contracts
  • Follow fluctuations and understand factors driving them
  • Review your market position

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Polyethylene terephthalate

ICIS provides independent and unbiased pricing information, news and market analysis for the European PET market. We offer price assessments, market coverage and historical data to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the market.

Use ICIS PET price report to:

  • Follow price drivers and fluctuations in the PET market
  • Inform your internal market modelling
  • Back up your negotiations
  • Determine settlement and contract terms

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Polyvinyl chloride

The ICIS European Polyvinyl chloride report is widely read and brings the most up-to-date news on pricing movements, consumer demand and changes to supply such as production updates. It also offers a vital source of information on market trends, latest shipping fixtures, enquiries and spot deals.

Use ICIS PVC price report to:

  • Understand price drivers and fluctuations
  • Develop internal analytical models
  • Optimise your deals and negotiations

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Styrene butadiene rubber

ICIS provides pricing information, news and analysis for all major petrochemical and chemical markets, including Styrene butadiene rubber. ICIS SBR price assessments are based on information gathered from a wide cross section of the market, comprising consumers, producers, traders and distributors.

Use ICIS SBR price report to:

  • Gain insight into global SBR market trends
  • Follow price drivers and fluctuations
  • Underpin settlements and contracts

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Latest news from ICIS editors at the conference


Meet the ICIS team attending Plast 2015

Linda Naylor

Linda Naylor is a Senior Editor at ICIS, focusing on European polyethylene and polypropylene.

She can be reached at linda.naylor@icis.com

James Averell

manages the European Sales Team providing pricing, forecasting and news to the global petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. He can be reached at james.averell@icis.com

Tara Sabanandan

Tara Sabanandan is the Senior Marketing Executive at ICIS, responsible for marketing activity to acquire new customers in the European chemicals and energy markets. She can be reached at tara.sabanandan@icis.com

Fabio Maroni

Fabio Maroni is an Account Manager for the petrochemicals market, focusing on news, pricing, supply and demand and forecasting.

He can be reached at fabio.maroni@icis.com

Benjamin Devoise

Benjamin Devoise is the Account Manager for the petrochemical markets, focusing on pricing, news, forecasting, and data analysis.

He can be reached at benjamin.devoise@icis.com

The monthly ICIS Petrochemical Index (IPEX)



Published at the beginning of each month, the Global IPEX provides a capacity-weighted measure of the average change in petrochemical prices over time. 

Regional data downloads are available for Asia, Europe and US.

ICIS launches the Polystyrene Europe price forecast report

ICIS launches the Polystyrene Europe price forecast report

The ICIS Polystyrene Europe price forecast report, provides you with a 12 month view explaining the demand, supply and price trends in Europe’s domestic and imported/ exported market, giving you with price insights into the European polystyrene market.

Special Feature: Asia chemicals outlook

Special feature: Asia chemicals outlook

Overall, the Asian chemicals markets experienced sweeping changes in 2014 – oversupply, feedstock diversification, changing trade flows, volatility in crude prices and new leadership in key Asian markets.

What will happen next? Download this free whitepaper for a market review of 2014 and short-term outlook for 2015, broken down by commodity. 

Last US March BD nomination is at 24 cent/lb hike

...average of the remaining three settlements. (Above image: BD is a feedstock for styrene butadiene rubber, which is used to make tyres) Follow Tracy on... Fri, 24 Feb 2017

Market outlook: In M&A, now you see it, now you don’t

...is significant excess capacity in China, capacity utilisation is reasonable elsewhere. There will be a period of overcapacity in ethylene and ethylene derivatives... Fri, 24 Feb 2017

News focus: New era dawns for titanium dioxide

...diversified chemical producer and not from a focused manufacturer – be it one that makes styrene or TiO2. For styrenics, what followed was the creation... Fri, 24 Feb 2017

Commentary: US ethane uncertainty

...giving the US a massive cost advantage over oil-based production prevalent in Asia and Europe.However, as the new wave of US ethylene and PE supply comes... Fri, 24 Feb 2017

Russia's January PP production up 3% year on year

...capacity utilisation and produced about 18,400 tonnes and 12,000 tonnes PP respectively. Last year’s PP production at Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Tomskneftekhim... Fri, 24 Feb 2017

New ICIS polyethylene (PE) report puts southeast Asia in spotlight

New ICIS polyethylene (PE) report puts southeast Asia in spotlight

ICIS is pleased to announce that we have further enhanced our polyolefins intelligence by introducing the ICIS Southeast Asia PE price report.

This unique coverage provides domestic and import PE prices for key southeast Asian countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.  

ICIS Resources: Plastics

ICIS Resources: Plastics

See a collection of featured plastics content including articles, videos, podcasts and much more at our dedicated plastics page.

Chemical profile: Europe propylene

Chemical profile: Europe propylene

The primary outlet for propylene is polypropylene (PP), which accounts for nearly two-thirds of global consumption. Other important derivatives include acrylonitrile (ACN), acrylic acid, oxo-alcohols, propylene oxide (PO), and cumene. Propylene is also used to make high-octane gasoline blendstocks and can also be blended into propane.

The monthly ICIS Latin America Polymers Index


Latin America Polymers Index

Published each month, the monthly ICIS Latin America Polymers Index provides a measure of the average change in domestic Latin American polymer prices over time. The index dates back to January 2002.

The monthly ICIS Middle East Polymers Index


Middle East Polymers Index

Published each month, the monthly ICIS Middle East Polymers Index provides a measure of the average change in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) polymer prices over time. The index dates back to January 2000. 

ICIS special report Turkish PVC market video

Turkish PVC market

In this month’s ICIS Special Report, Chris Barker talks to Helena Strathearn about the recent opportunities for European exporters in the Turkish polyvinyl chloride (PVC) market.