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Participants in the Asian polyolefins and polyurethane markets have been discussing changes in trading dynamics due to expected lengthened supply due to additional capacities expected to come on board.

Given the developments in both markets, the outlook for the rest of the year suggests a shift in trade flow and increased competition, making it all the more crucial for polyolefins and polyurethane market players to understand key price drivers, emerging supply and demand trends and how the Asian market is evolving.

ICIS market experts have presented papers on the changing dynamics in the polyolefins and polyurethane markets.

Polyethylene Presentation

Download this presentation, highlighting key developments and its impact on southeast Asia, China and Turkey polyolefins, with a near-term outlook for Q4 of 2017.

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Polyurethane Presentation

Download this presentation, covering the recent changes in MDI, TDI, propylene oxide and polyether polyols, with a short-term outlook for Q4 2017.

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