Drop in India’s MEK demand leads price hikes in regional MEK markets

Discover how our newly added CFR India quote in the Asia MEK Weekly Pricing Report can help you navigating changing trade dynamics


The Indian methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) market has been resisting feedstock crude and naphtha surges due to the slow MEK consumption during monsoon season. The buy-sell gap was heard at $100/tonne, resulting in producers channelling their MEK exports for India, to countries such as South Korea and regions like southeast Asia. With increasing import cargoes to these neighbouring countries, port inventories are diminishing causing a surge in price.

Given the changing trade dynamic, international market players are eager in having a comparative view of demand factors in India versus other southeast Asian countries, in order to better understand price movements in these markets and make pricing decisions.

Import/Export data

ICIS has enhanced its coverage of the India market with a newly added CFR (cost & freight) India quote. This new quote will analyse import and export flows from southeast Asian producers to India, with greater visibility on the factors driving demand and price movements in the India MEK market.

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