Monthly settlement prices and daily indicative prices now available in ICIS Polyolefins price reports

20 January 2015

ICIS has enhanced its Asia polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) price reports by adding monthly settlement prices (MSPs) and daily indicative prices, to further complement the trusted industry pricing information available in both reports.

The average weekly spot prices of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and PP flat yarn in China have fallen by about 29% and 34% respectively over the past six months, as sharp falls in global energy prices led to panic selling in the downstream polyolefins markets, according to ICIS.

The recent meltdown in Asian polyolefins spot markets highlighted the high volatility of PE and PP spot prices in the region, and the need for financial instruments that can be used for hedging price risks.

How can ICIS support PP and PE market participants?

Quoted on a CFR (cost & freight) China basis, the LLDPE and PP flat yarn MSPs are the monthly averages of the ICIS weekly spot price assessments, and will act as a useful reference for contract pricing.

These MSPs will also be the final settlement prices for the Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) LLDPE and PP flat yarn swaps and future contracts.

In addition to the MSPs, ICIS has also started publishing daily indicative spot prices for LLDPE and PP flat yarn grades on a CFR China basis. The daily indicative prices are based on deals, bids, offers and/or buy-sell price ideas.

Published daily by 16:00 Singapore time (08:00 hours GMT) via the ICIS Dashboard, the daily indicative prices inform market players of the prevailing transactions and discussion levels in the spot physical markets, for both Asian PP and PE. It also acts as a reference point for participants who trade in the PE and PP swaps and futures markets. 

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You can rely on ICIS for your Asia Polyolefins pricing intelligence needs

ICIS provides dedicated pricing reports on Asia’s PP and PE markets, including the latest prices, market news and analyses. Whether you are a producer, seller or buyer, the reports help you to benchmark your transactions and to further understand price drivers in the region.

Both the Asian PP and PE reports include:

  • The newly added MSPs and daily indicative prices
  • Weekly spot prices for commonly traded PP and PE grades
  • Feedstock prices
  • Commentaries on trading activity, production news and supply/demand
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