ICIS has added a new east China ex-tank quote to the Asia paraxylene report. How will this help you?

2016 Asia PX, PTA capacity overview
Para/Ortho-Xylenes Asia Pacific

China is gradually changing the face of the Asian paraxylene (PX) market, as domestic production continues to grow in the country. China’s downstream consumption is also expected to substantially increase to over 2m tonnes/month. As more PX plants start up, the import of PX is expected to dip.

This has triggered an increase in interest for yuan–denominated trading, as opposed to the traditional use of the US dollar. As such, it is critical to have greater visibility on the price points of buyers and sellers so that international market players can plan for their business.

ICIS has recently enhanced its Asia PX report with the addition of a new east China ex-tank assessment to give market players a clearer picture of the Chinese PX prices.

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Receive the latest prices and analyses covering the Asian PX market with a newly-enhanced Asian coverage, including price history and a comprehensive commentary on changing trade patterns and trends. Understand the key price drivers and market conditions with access to all of the following:

  • Newly added east China ex-tank quote
  • Spot prices- FOB South Korea, CFR Taiwan, CFR China Main Ports, CFR SE Asia
  • Contract prices- CFR Asia and DEL China
  • Commentary on trading activity and supply/demand
  • Operating rates, production data and turnaround schedules
  • Information on upstream and downstream markets
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