ICIS enhances its Asia styrene coverage to include a table of confirmed deals up to three months ahead

28 April 2014

Leading global market intelligence provider, ICIS, has further enhanced its styrene (SM) market reporting in Asia to include details of confirmed deals (CFR China). The information is presented in a table broken down into half months. This new data is added in response to requests from market players in the region who already rely on ICIS styrene price reporting to inform their deal negotiations.

ICIS Asia styrene price quotes, especially CFR China, are commonly used as the benchmark in the region.  Currently, high stock levels and weak downstream demand from the resins sector have meant that prices have been stable, however the impact of planned maintenance shutdowns is likely to result in some price movement as stocks diminish.

For market players negotiating deals in the mid-term, the new data from ICIS is vital. With access to reliable information on confirmed deals up to three months ahead, it is easier to conclude prices or plan for the mid-term with confidence.

Data covering three half months was first introduced into the Asia Pacific Styrene weekly report. This quickly proved popular and was soon extended to cover a further two half-months. Now the full five half-month price illustration is included in both the daily and weekly ICIS styrene coverage, giving both buyers and sellers visibility on prices for a period extending much further ahead than previously possible.

Clive Ong, Senior Editor Manager said, “By providing a breakdown into half-months for CFR prices, market players can refine their utilisation of ICIS prices; whether to use a particular half month or several half months in floating price deals, contract settlements, or marking positions to market etc.”


For further information please contact:
Natasha Pilapil, Senior Marketing Executive, ICIS
+65 6780 4395

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ICIS publishes daily and weekly reports for the Asian styrene market, covering the latest prices, market news and analysis. Whether you are a buyer, trader or seller, our pricing information gives you access to time-sensitive deals, offers/bids and price movements, as well as commentaries on the various factors influencing prices.

The reports cover all of the following:

  • CFR (cost & freight) quotes for southeast Asia, northeast Asia and China
  • FOB (free on board)Korea price assessments
  • East China ex-tank
  • Supply/demand and trading activity in the region
  • Upstream ethylene and benzene markets
  • Plant production/shutdown schedules

To provide a holistic view of prices, a subscription to the report gives you access to historical pricing data and a table of confirmed deal prices (CFR China) for the next 3 months, broken down into half months.


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