ICIS has enhanced its Asian coverage of the global titanium dioxide (TiO2) report. How will this will help you?

Domestic Chinese titanium dioxide (TiO2) prices were on the uptrend, with deals for smaller quantities of TiO2 commanding higher prices.The table below shows export prices on an FOB China basis, which were stable-to-firm week on week.

Chinese domestic prices for locally-produced Ti02

This upward climb in prices has resulted in an increase in liquidity and prominence of Chinese exports in the Asian TiO2 market. In view of this, producers and buyers alike need better visibility of Chinese Tio2 export prices in order to evaluate the impact of price volatility on material of other origins, as well as to guide them in their overall commercial decisions.

Presently, there has also been a shift towards contract trade, with spot trade losing liquidity in the current market condition of TiO2 in Asia.

Given these changing trade dynamics, it is crucial for market players to have the right data and information to confidently navigate the Asian TiO2 market.

ICIS has enhanced its TiO2 report with the addition of a new FOB spot China assessment to provide a comprehensive view of Chinese TiO2 export prices. The current CFR Asia assessment in the report will also be replaced with a quarterly contract price assessment, so that global industry players can have a more relevant and steady view the Asian TiO2 market.

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Receive the latest prices and analyses covering the global TiO2 market with a newly-enhanced Asian coverage, including price history and a comprehensive commentary on changing trade patterns and trends. Understand the key price drivers and market conditions with access to all of the following:

  • Newly added FOB spot China assessment
  • *New: CFR Asia quarterly contract assessment
  • FD NWE contract price assessment for Europe and FD N America contract price assessment for America
  • Production news and market updates
  • Import/export activity
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