Brexit and the impact on the petrochemical industry

The UK decided to leave the EU following the referendum that took place on 23 June 2016. The formal process of leaving started on 29 March 2017 with the UK triggering Article 50.

An impact of the “Brexit” decision was seen immediately after the referendum result with sterling falling to a 31-year low against the dollar. But the longer term implications on the energy, chemical and fertilizer industries will not be known until negotiations get underway and a new deal agreed with the EU as well as potential trade deals with the wider world.

ICIS followed the lead up to the referendum and the aftermath of the vote and is now providing coverage of the developing situation as the process of the UK leaving the EU starts.

In July 2017, the UK’s government published a Repeal Bill to ensure as far as possible the same rules and laws will apply in the country on the day the UK leaves the EU.

In practice, it is a translation of all EU-related regulations into UK law in order to provide business and consumers regulatory stability, as more than 12,000 regulations in force in the UK are EU-related.

ICIS graphics and news output help readers assess the situation as it develops across multiple products.


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ICIS market insight: UK plastics producers face critical Brexit challenges

ICIS market insight: UK plastics producers face critical Brexit challenges

UK polyethylene price volatility might have been expected post the Brexit referendum. The value of sterling plunged once the outcome was known. And the pound has been volatile since.

This insight piece put together by leading ICIS editors Nigel Davis and Linda Naylor, who presented at a British Plastics Federation (BPF) Brexit conference, discusses the recent differential between the UK and EU polymer prices, and highlights the areas of uncertainty facing the plastics industry before the divorce settlement with the EU is agreed.

Market Insight: Chemicals production growing in Europe but Brexit uncertainties weigh heavy

Market Insight: Chemicals production growing in Europe but Brexit uncertainties weigh heavy

In this insight Nigel Davis, ICIS Insight editor, reviews Europe’s economic performance in spite of uncertainties surrounding how Britain will exit the European Union which weighs heavily on the markets.

ICIS market insight: ‘Pragmatic Brexit' a step closer after UK election result

ICIS market insight: ‘Pragmatic Brexit' a step closer after UK election result

With the recent general election in the UK stoking uncertainty about negotiations between the UK and the EU, Steve Elliott, CEO of the UK’s Chemical Industries Association (CIA), discusses the need for a “pragmatic Brexit” with ICIS’s Jonathan Lopez and considers the options for Brexit and what it means for the UK’s petrochemical industry.

Latest infographic

Brexit Infographic

The vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union delivered a blow to business and to an industrial sector overwhelmingly supportive of the ‘Remain’ camp. The data from ICIS Consulting shows what proportion of the EU’s major petrochemical assets are in the UK.

They also illustrate the latest trade flows for the major olefins, aromatics, 12 major polymers and 21 intermediates.


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