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The metallocene polyolefins industry has matured in international markets such as Europe and the US. The difference in Asia, and especially in China, is that converters in the country have just started investing in new machinery that can process higher value resins such as metallocene linear low density polyethylene (MLLDPE).

China is where the opportunities are the greatest for further growth in MLLDPE. However, what exactly are the opportunities in the country? Download these free market insights for a better understanding of China’s growing metallocene polyolefins markets. 


Market review: China has MLLDPE growth potential  

By: John Richardson

Take a look at recent market developments, challenges, more importantly, opportunities within the domestic MLLDPE markets in China. The whitepaper also covers the impact of market changes in the country on the western regions.

The market outlook article details an in-depth review of China’s metallocene polyolefins industry in terms of prices, supply/demand, production and import levels. It also provides a short-term outlook of where opportunities will arise.  

In-depth analysis and forecast for China’s metallocene polyolefins markets 

China’s metallocene polyolefins market has a significant impact on global activity and offers exciting opportunities for sellers and investors. The ICIS China Metallocene Polyolefins Annual Study reveals key trends and assesses where the market is heading over the next two years.

The study covers the metallocene polyethylene (PE) market in detail and provides information on metallocene polypropylene (PP). Written by ICIS local experts, the study focuses on China’s demand and competitive landscape in the import market. It will help deepen your understanding of China’s metallocene markets and provide valuable information on downstream activity as well as emerging opportunities.