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China’s demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports has attracted increasing attention from international suppliers. With an increase of around 10m tonnes so far in 2017, can we expect this to continue in the coming years?

With the upcoming version of the ICIS China Natural Gas Annual Report, you are guaranteed the most accurate data and insights needed to identify and assess investment opportunities in China.

This in-depth analysis of China’s natural gas market gathers extensive research from government officials, industry experts and enterprises focusing on the upstream and downstream sectors, coupled with our own expert views and forecasts to provide you with all of the following:

  • China Natural Gas Market overview for 2017
  • Supply and demand forecasts for 2018 until 2022
  • Industry chain analysis and insights into key developments affecting China’s markets
  • China natural gas price analysis – domestic prices, import prices and long-term contracts
  • LNG margins – domestic production and imports
  • China’s top 10 LNG producers and import terminals
  • Analysis of China’s gas policies and their impact on gas/LNG and the downstream sectors
  • LNG and pipeline gas logistics
  • Unconventional gas production and outlook
  • Competing fuel analysis
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Key questions answered by the annual report:

  • What opportunities will arise from Chinese government support and its promotion of natural gas utilisation?
  • on?
  • What impact will China’s accelerated natural gas market reform have on the relevant industry sectors? How can companies in different sectors adjust their strategies to adapt to these changes?
  • As the Chinese government enhances its supervision of pipeline transmission and distribution, what influence will be exerted on companies?
  • What is the best way to structure businesses against a background of rapidly growing demand and alleviated oversupply?
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China Gas and LNG Market Intelligence Solution

The ICIS China Gas and LNG Solution is an essential source of market intelligence for international players looking to enter and participate in China’s evolving gas and LNG sector by providing valuable pricing, news, forecasts and market analysis. Our solution offers unrivalled insights to facilitate planning and decision-making.

  • China’s domestic and import prices for gas and LNG
  • Coverage of liquefaction plant operating rates and their cost effectiveness
  • Gas and LNG supply and demand data and forecasts, broken down by sub-segment
  • Up-to-date progress reports for gas and LNG infrastructure projects
  • LNG shipment arrivals
  • China’s policy developments and their impact on the global market
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