Gain a complete view of China’s oil and refining industry with the latest edition of our annual reports


China’s petroleum industry is under huge restructuring as the country now emerges as the world’s top crude oil importer, as well as the top gasoline and middle distillate exporter in Asia.

In line with this, Chinese independent refiners are becoming the key buying force in the global crude oil marketplace. Independent refiners have been a major contributor to China’s crude throughput growth so far in the year and they have grabbed a bigger share of the country’s oil market.

However, keeping up with China’s fast-moving oil and refining sector, which has limited transparency, may remain challenging. Will the strong Chinese appetite for imported crude continue in the coming years and how will independent refineries adapt with the increasingly competitive Chinese refinery industry? All these questions and more are answered in the latest edition of our suite of China-focused annual reports.

China Oil Annual Report

China Oil Annual Report
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A comprehensive review and outlook of the China oil industry from 2017-2022, ensures you have the information you need for your investment and commercial strategies.

  • Critical supply and demand data and analysis (2017-2022)
  • A review of China’s complex refining industry (both state-run and independent) with import and export data
  • Infrastructure operations, capacity, ownership and logistics of China’s oil industry
  • Macroeconomics and policy changes and trends
  • Supplementary maps showing refinery capacities, pipeline and oil distribution at a glance, as well as data files to give you direct access to raw data from the report
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China Independent Refinery Annual Report

China Independent Refinery
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Gain access to historical statistics, market research and analysis of significant issues shaping China’s independent refinery sector over the next five years.

  • Refining units and capacity with regional breakdown
  • Feedstock mix by region, origin, specification and destination data
  • Analysis of margins and operating rates
  • Storage and transportation facilities used by independent refiners
  • Impact of quotas, taxes and policies
  • Expansion plans and outlook from 2018-2022
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ICIS China Oil & Refinery Market Intelligence Solution

ICIS China Oil & Refinery Market Intelligence Solution

As the world’s largest oil consumer, China remains a key market of interest to global players. In the rapidly evolving oil & refinery industry, you need access to data and analysis to make better-informed commercial and business decisions. Get insight on:

  • Domestic and import prices for gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel and crude oil
  • Daily coverage of independent refinery turnaround schedule, feedstock purchases and operating rates
  • Integrated supply and demand data and forecasts for up to five years ahead
  • Import and domestic prices and margins from midstream to downstream markets
  • Independent refineries’ inventory levels
  • Impact analysis of changes in domestic policies
  • Refinery profitability analysis and outlook
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