A glimpse into China polyolefins

ICIS has recently produced a whitepaper on Chinese polyolefins, providing a current market overview, which analyses supply and demand balances, expansion projects and an outlook of where the markets are headed.

From being one key drivers of growth in the domestic Chinese markets, China’s polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) capacity expansions seems to have been on the low in recent times. Given this change in market dynamics, there has been a growing interest on the impact of this development on global industry players. To give you an overview of what’s happening in the markets, we have made a section of the whitepaper available for your preview.

All data in the whitepaper was taken from the China PP and PE Annual Studies.

Access the full whitepaper here 

China’s PE supply
China’s PE capacity expansion is expected to slow down this year, as a number of new plants are likely to push back their start-up plans to 2016. Most of the plants scheduled to come on stream this year are designed to use coal as feedstock and have lost much of their feedstock advantage after the recent declines in international crude oil prices. Access the full whitepaper here

China PP import
China’s PP imports are forecast to decline from 2017 as local demand growth falls behind the domestic capacity expansions. China’s PP import is estimated to grow marginally in 2015-2016, mainly driven by the demand for premium grades such as PP random copolymers that are not widely produced domestically. Access the full whitepaper here


China Polyolefins Annual Studies

The ICIS China PP and PE Annual Studies offer unparalleled market analysis of China’s dynamic polyolefins industry. An essential read for international players looking to identify and evaluate opportunities in the country, both studies provide you with a clear view of domestic prices, with market analysis to help you assess the current situation of the industry.

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Key questions answered by the China PE Annual Study:

  • How will declining PE prices affect the global marketplace?
  • How competitive is coal-based PE production and what impact has low oil prices had on this development?
  • Will China’s economic slowdown impact exporters of PE into China?
  • Who are the major producers and traders of PE and which regions and application fields are driving demand?
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Key questions answered by the China PP Annual Study:

  • How will PP supply/demand change in the next five years?
  • What will drive continuous business growth in Chinese PP?
  • Will China’s economic slowdown impact exporters of PE into China?
  • How will coal-based polyolefins impact the industry? How will this compete against oil?
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