Compact Membrane Systems wins 2016 ICIS Innovation Awards

17 October 2016

LONDON, October 17, 2016 - ICIS, the trusted information provider for the global chemical and energy industries, today reveals that US-based technology start-up Compact Membrane Systems has been chosen as the overall winner in the ICIS Innovation Awards for 2016.

The company’s chief technology officer Sudip Majumdar has additionally been recognised with one of the inaugural Alpha Innovator of the Year awards, launched this year in association with the ICIS Innovation Awards overall sponsor Elsevier R&D Solutions.

Compact Membrane Systems’ Optiperm technology separates olefins from paraffins and enables petrochemical producers to achieve higher yields at lower energy intensity and with reduced capital costs. The new technology uses silver-containing fluoropolymer membranes to effect the difficult separation, avoiding the need for conventional large-scale distillation columns.

The innovation was judged the clear winner by the panel of six leading industry innovation experts. The judges commented that it had huge potential and shows that there is still potential to innovate deep in the heart of the petrochemical value chain. Sudip Majumdar was recognised for his role in driving forward the innovation project and his expertise in membrane technology.

The ICIS Innovation Awards, sponsored overall by Elsevier R&D Solutions and with category sponsorship from U.S. Chemicals, a Maroon Group company, ( and ExxonMobil Chemical, recognise outstanding technological and business innovation in the global chemical industry, on a company and individual level.

The Compact Membrane Systems’ entry also won the category for Best Innovation by an SME, sponsored by ExxonMobil Chemical. It is the first time in the awards’ 13-year history that the overall winner has been an SME.

Other winners this year were:


Best Product Innovation

Dow Chemical, for its Canvera polyolefin dispersion technology for can coatings

Best Process Innovation

Siluria Technologies, for its oxidative coupling of methane technology for ethylene production (Aqua Metals lead acid battery recycling technology received a special mention from the judges in this category)

Innovation with Best Benefit to Environment or Sustainability

Covestro, for its development of carbon dioxide as a raw material in polyurethane production (Dow Chemical’s Phormanto polyolefin thermoformed packaging solution received a special mention from the judges in this category)

Alpha Innovator of the Year – Product development/process optimisation

Awarded to Mr Marc Swan and Professor Jan Czernuszka of Oxtex for their development of a tissue-expanding medical insert for use in reconstructive surgery.

John Baker, ICIS editor and organiser of the Awards, commented that: “This year’s Awards yet again attracted a strong entry and led to a very robust discussion as the judges debated the merits of the leading entries. As in previous years, the innovations before the judges showcased a wide range of excellent products and processes, with the potential to make important impacts in their respective markets and reduce environmental impacts.

“All the winners demonstrate not only that innovation is well and truly alive in the chemical industry but that this innovation brings benefits not only to companies and their customers but the environment as well. And it helps the sustainability of the business of chemicals.”

Full descriptions of all the winning entries, and interviews with the sponsors, can be found at

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Compact Membrane Systems
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Dow Chemical - Canvera
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Karsten Malsch
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Siluria Technologies
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Dow Chemical – Phormanto
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Aqua Metals
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