EU’s plastics policies and impact on petrochemical markets – the first step into a circular economy

EU strategy on plastic waste
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Proposals for the first ever Europe wide strategy on plastic waste* were launched in January, aiming to commit to total plastic packaging recyclability or reusability by 2030. Europe wants to push the agenda on the circular economy, tackling the globally low average rates of throwaway plastics recycling. China’s ban on importing the world’s plastic waste from the start of this year has given a new urgency to the drive to recycle more.

Europe recycles just 41% of its plastic packaging waste, while the proposed EU target is 55% by 2030. The petrochemical and plastics industry has taken the circular economy concepts seriously for years, mindful of the threats to the business, as well as the opportunities to develop new products and feedstock streams.

* A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy

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More news on the EU plastics recycling plan

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Plastic Resin Producers' Move to Circular Economy is Just the Start

Plastic Resin Producers' Move to Circular Economy is Just the Start

Public opinion and political power heightened pressure on the petrochemical industry in the past year to adapt to circular economy and recycling needs. However, plastic resin producers began their moves towards these goals prior to 2017 by buying new capacities, redesigning packaging and bringing out new products.

Were these steps sufficient to achieve the sustainability targets set out by the European Commission in its Plastic Strategy launch?

Download this market insight by Pavle Popovic to find out more.

Polymer Sustainability Challenges

Polymer Sustainability Challenges

Would our lives be really that much worse if we had to buy a re-usable cup and remember to take it with us every time we visit an espresso bar? Will sustainability replace globalisation as the biggest value driver for the polymers industry?

Download this insight by ICIS Consultant John Richardson to find out about the challenges faced by the new EU Plastics Strategy.

Plastic Packaging and the Circular Economy

Plastic Packaging and the Circular Economy

The world won’t do without plastics but producers, converters, retailers and consumers are being prodded into doing more with less.

Download this insight by Nigel Davis, reporting on the increased global use of plastic packaging, as this topic is more closely scrutinised.

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