French nuclear outages continue
to drive power markets


French nuclear outages continue to drive power markets - Photo by PHOTOWEB/SPA/REX/Shutterstock

ICIS is following the latest developments of the ongoing French nuclear safety review and its consequences, which could result in the tightest supply crunch in modern history.

France is normally the largest electricity exporter in Western Europe and reverberations of poor nuclear availability in the country are being felt across the continent.

The origins of the safety review can be traced back to the discovery of an anomaly in the steel composition of the 1.65GW nuclear plant under construction at Flamanville. This prompted a review of nuclear components installed in the 58 nuclear reactors currently in operation. A preliminary analysis indicated that 18 reactors could be subject to similar problems, while an audit of manufacturer Areva revealed discrepancies between internal safety documentation and those submitted to operator EDF and nuclear authority ASN.

This has resulted in extended outages at 22 reactors, impacting a total capacity of 23.1GW, out of a total of 63.1GW. ICIS energy journalists are covering and analysing developments in the situation and its impact on European power markets as the news continues to unfold.

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French nuclear crunch infographic


This ICIS infographic shows the present nuclear availability in France as of 11 November 2016, and compares net export/import positions on French borders in September vs October.

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