French strikes and the impact on the petrochemical industry


Strikes in France have been ongoing since 18 May and were stepped up on Thursday, 26 May as nuclear power workers joined the fray. As the action has intensified, the impact on petrochemicals has grown. ICIS has been charting the effects on refinery output and particularly on the country's olefins and polymers production capability. Force majeures have been declared by producers at various locations. As a summer of strike action approaches the situation changes by the day.

ICIS graphics and news output help readers assess the situation as it develops across multiple products.

ICIS keeps you up to date with developments in France

06 June 2016 13:29
Total's Donges, Gonfreville refineries blockaded by CGT union members read more >>

02 June 2016 16:44
French strikes hit ETBE supply, could prompt blended gasoline imports read more >>

02 June 2016 12:43
Europe PE margins under pressure on slow demand and increased imports read more >>

01 June 2016 11:44
Europe transport issues cause PE delivery concerns

31 May, 2016 11:04
Four refineries offline in France, 20% petrol stations short on fuel read more >>

27 May, 2016 17:03
INEOS Oxides EODs site shut down due to French strikes read more >>

26 May, 2016 15:11
Europe French strikes play havoc with PE, PP production read more >>

26 May, 2016 14:44
No plans to end French strikes - union read more >>

26 May 2016 14:29
France refinery strike bullish for oil products, Total offers crude... read more >>

26 May, 2016 12:12
Oxo-alcohols, plasticizers players concerned about French strikes

25 May, 2016 16:31
INEOS declares force majeure on PP and HDPE in France read more >>

25 May, 2016 15:28
French chem industry losing Ç10m/day in strikes - official read more >>

24 May, 2016 19:22
French political leader calls to unblock refineries by force read more >>

24 May, 2016 17:42
KEM ONE chloralkali chain threatened by Lavera cracker issue read more >>

24 May, 2016 13:30
Patchy impact on ethylene, propylene derivatives from France strikes read more >>

24 May, 2016 11:33
INOVYN declares FM on various products at Tavaux site amid strikes read more >>

23 May, 2016 14:41
France's labour strike creates shortages at 10% of petrol stations read more >>

20 May, 2016 15:45
French strikes impact ethylene, propylene, BD output - sources read more >>

French strikes infographic


This ICIS infographic shows the effects on refinery output and particularly on the country’s olefins and polymers production capability.

French refinery and polymer production in France

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