ICIS adds CFR China Main Port price assessment to Asia benzene price reports

ICIS is the first market intelligence provider to add cost and freight (CFR) China Main Port price assessments to its Asia benzene price report coverage. This more accurately reflects current trading patterns and gives a vital benchmark for players looking to supply to China and currently negotiating new contracts for next year.


China is the largest benzene market in Asia and has a significant impact globally. Its importance is increasing as benzene imports into China have been growing, particularly over the last 12 months, adding to the need for additional visibility and greater accuracy in the region.


These new price assessments address uncertainty and enable players to assess China’s benzene market more objectively, rather than applying a discount or premium to FOB Korea quotes.


The ICIS Asia benzene price report coverage now gives a complete picture of benzene trading activity in the region. Using daily reports and a comprehensive weekly report, ICIS provides all the information needed to make confident decisions including spot and contract price assessments.

  • FOB Korea – where it is not unusual to have 10 deals reported in a days trading
  • FOB southeast Asia and CFR southeast and northeast Asia
  • CFR China Main Port – newly added to reflect the emerging China import market


Insights into the various factors influencing prices are also covered – downstream styrene monomer and upstream crude oil and naphtha markets, planned maintenance, schedules and outages.

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