ICIS enhances its Base Oils Asia coverage with daily reporting

Singapore, 6 December 2012 – ICIS, the world’s largest industry-trusted petrochemical market intelligence provider, is enhancing its comprehensive weekly Asia Base Oils price report by delivering a daily update covering time-sensitive deals, price movements and production news.

The Asia Base Oils daily report will further supplement the detailed market coverage and analysis ICIS already publishes for the region. By closing the assessment gap between weekly analysis and ongoing market activity, ICIS is meeting the needs of refiners with more up-to-date information.

Each daily report will reveal the latest market data available. Deals, bids and offers as well as market information, such as tender notices and price movements from influential Asian refiners, will all be reported as they occur. Decision-makers will be able to react more quickly to opportunities, take advantage of short-term arbitrage windows and respond immediately to shifts in trade activity.

ICIS Asia Base Oils report subscribers will receive price assessments for the six most widely transacted quotes: Group I, SN150, SN500 and brightstock on a free on board (FOB) Asia basis and ex-tank Singapore basis.

Additional market news coverage will report on plant shutdowns, refinery price reductions/hikes, tender notices and shipping fixtures.

Daily prices for competing feedstocks (3.5% Fuel Oil and 0.5% Gas Oil) are also included to help keep track of the cost of base oil production. Additional insight and expert analysis of trade in the region will include detailed information on China, an influential base oils market in Asia.

Following the launch of supplementary daily reports, ICIS will issue daily Asia Base Oils reports from Monday to Friday. The weekly Asia Base Oils report, which will maintain its comprehensive format, will also be published on a Friday.

The combination of daily and weekly reports offers the most comprehensive, accurate and timely suite of market intelligence available on base oils in Asia.

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About ICIS:

ICIS is the world's largest petrochemical market information provider, and has fast-growing energy and fertilizer divisions. Our aim is to give companies in global commodities markets a competitive advantage by delivering trusted pricing data, high-value news, analysis and independent consulting, enabling them to make better-informed trading and planning decisions.

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