Europe Energy Market Outlook 2017

Expert commentaries on the likely direction of
key European markets in early 2017

ICIS experts analyse the key supply, demand and regulation developments which are likely to impact prices on the natural gas, LNG and power markets.

Gas Outlook 2017

ICIS gas outlook 2017

The cascade in prices over the forward six delivery months at the Dutch TTF – Europe’s most liquid hub – was steep as of the end of December 2016, with a number of bullish fundamental drivers providing relative support to Q1 ‘17 delivery contracts compared to Q2 ‘17.

ICIS looks country-by-country at the key potential supply, demand and regulation changes in 2017 which could impact natural gas prices and market liquidity in Europe.

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LNG Outlook 2017

ICIS LNG outlook 2017

2017 will be another year of big change for the global LNG market as more new Australian production starts up and the momentum then swings to the US.

Concerns will persist on demand from East Asia, with nuclear plants likely to come back in Japan and South Korea while India will remain an alluring destination for LNG sellers as infrastructure develops and independent buyers come to the market..

ICIS takes a look at the outlook for the LNG market in 2017.

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Power Outlook 2017

ICIS power outlook 2017

The European low-carbon energy transition is on the brink of entering a second phase over the coming 12 months, a second phase that promises to open up opportunities for market participants, as energy market 2.0 starts to become a reality in many countries.

ICIS explores the factors which could influence the European power markets in 2017.

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What is the outlook for global LNG markets in 2017?


LNG editor Ed Cox and deputy editor Josie Shillito discuss in this video the likely major trends ranging from a shift in demand from Japan and China to the Middle East, and the rise of US production – and where that LNG can be offloaded.

What is the outlook for the European energy markets this winter?


Watch EDEM editor Jamie Stewart and ESGM editor Tom Marzec-Manser discuss the outlook on the European power and gas markets this winter.

European Spot Gas Markets

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