ICIS launches the 2015 World Petrochemical Feedstocks Survey for Aromatics

09 December 2015


LONDON,ICIS- ICIS, a trusted source of market intelligence for global petrochemical markets, has published the 2015 version of the World Petrochemical Feedstocks Survey for Aromatics.

As the global aromatics industry continues to grow, so does demand for relevant feedstocks. Whilst feedstock production is increasing, incremental availability may struggle to keep up with demand growth, with a shifting emphasis from pyrolysis gas (pygas) to reformate. In light of these changes, it’s crucial to stay abreast of both upstream and downstream developments, to make informed decisions when participating in the aromatics market.

The World Petrochemical Feedstock Survey for Aromatics offers essential insights into primary aromatic production and feedstocks, exploring supply and demand for the key oil products interfacing the aromatics industry, naphtha and gasoline, and the main aromatics feedstocks, pygas and reformate. Supported by information from the ICIS Supply and Demand Database, along with analysis from a team of global experts, it provides a clear view of the current situation and outlook for key feedstocks and regions, including details of gasoline production by major components.

‘As feedstock demand grows, diversification is becoming increasingly essential for aromatics players. Understanding the different challenges and opportunities in each region is vital, as shifting global trends are countered by unique regional dynamics. The World Petrochemical Feedstocks Survey for Aromatics provides a comprehensive review of aromatics feedstocks, and the direction of major commodities and markets,’ said Stefano Zehnder, Senior Consultant Global Refining & Petrochemical Feedstocks, ICIS Consulting.

The new study from ICIS offers extensive analysis of the industry, alongside data from 2005 to 2030. Designed to help you understand market trends and developments, it covers key producing and consumer regions, as well as upstream and downstream markets. A must-read resource for industry players at every level, it provides the information you need to manage risk exposure and seize opportunities in aromatics.

The study covers:

  • Current, historical and forecast data (2005-2030)
  • Accurate information on new and planned primary aromatics capacities, with production by feedstock
  • Supply and demand data for key feedstocks, broken down by region
  • Insights into global and regional production trends
  • Analysis of upstream and downstream market developments
  • Details of gasoline production by major components
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World Petrochemical Feedstocks- Aromatics Outlook 2015-2030

World Petrochemical Feedstocks- Aromatics Outlook 2015-2030

With global aromatics growth expected to outstrip GDP over the next five years, concerns about the availability of feedstocks are mounting. As pressure on pygas supply increases, industry players around the world must find new solutions to the challenges they face:

To help you understand changing trends in feestocks impacting aromatics, ICIS has produced a free whitepaper.

  • Will feedstock availability keep up with growing demand from aromatics?
  • How will different regions access and produce aromatics feedstocks?
  • Where do the opportunities and challenges lie in the global aromatics market?
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