ICIS Special Report: Asian Methanol and Acetic Acid Markets

As part of our series of free resources, ICIS experts have produced a special report covering the Asian methanol and acetic acid markets.


Join ICIS as we take a closer look into Asian methanol and downstream acetic acid markets.

In this special report, ICIS experts give key insights into price drivers, how supply and demand fundamentals have been affecting the marketplace, and most importantly what the outlook is for the rest of the year.

Pricing information

Inform your daily trading activities with immediate access to Asian methanol and acetic acid prices. Understand more about the price drivers that impact your transactions including production news, feedstock markets and trading dynamics.

You can also use ICIS price reports to negotiate with suppliers and develop your own internal price formulas. 

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News service

Gain immediate insights into chemical markets with our 24-hour coverage of breaking news – including detailed coverage of plant capacity and production updates, output and shutdowns.

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Supply and demand window

The ICIS Supply and Demand Window offers an 11-year view on supply, demand and trade flows for global acetic acid markets.

By revealing producers’ manufacturing capabilities, the Supply and Demand Window provides an informed view of trade patterns to support your strategic plans, budgets and forecasts.

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