India: The forefront of the global PVC sector

ICIS recently produced a whitepaper that examines the key demand and supply trends of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in India. We have made a section of the whitepaper available for your preview below:

Rising agriculture, infrastructure needs

The Indian PVC market grew by close to 10% in the fiscal year 2015-2016, and stood at 2.7m tonnes. Imports in this period grew by a robust 16% year on year, standing at close to 1.6m tonnes, surpassing domestic production in the country. According to industry estimates, in the financial year 2015-2016, 74% of PVC in India was consumed in the pipes and fittings sector, up from a modest 14% in 1975. This is in stark contrast to the consumption pattern worldwide, where pipes and fittings account for only 43% globally. Applications other than pipes today are seen as high-growth markets, and comparing with the global split, it becomes evident that these sectors are geared for growth. With India leading the global PVC markets, should its prices then be the new benchmark point? This whitepaper highlights the limitations of the currently established price benchmark model and explores alternatives that could help address the gap. The whitepaper covers all of the following:

  • Comprehensive market overview of India PVC
  • Indian PVC purchase cycle – CFR India price
  • Supply and demand forecast up to 2020
  • Near-term outlook of India PVC
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Discover how ICIS can meet your Asian PVC pricing intelligence needs

Whether you are a buyer, trader or seller, the Asian PVC price report enables access to time-sensitive deals, offers/bids and price movements, as well as historical pricing data, inclusin all of the following:

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  • Feedstock prices for ethylene, ethylene dichloride (EDC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)
  • Production news and market updates
  • Supply/demand trading activity changes to better reflect key drivers of price fluctuations
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Real-time news service

Ensure you stay ahead with the latest news on Asia’s PVC market, by gaining access to industry players’ activities and production changes as they happen. This would let you respond quickly to events, minimise risk and seize new opportunities for your business.

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ICIS gives you access to an online database providing an end-to-end perspective across the global petrochemical and refinery supply chain. Data includes import and export volumes, consumption, plant capacities and production – from 1978 up to 2030 – by product, country and region.

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