News stories on China's anti-pollution drive

What and why this happened and how this weighs in on global petrochemicals?


China’s petrochemicals industry is set to change, as the country embarks on a strategy to clean up its rivers, land and air quality. Factories are having to relocate, shut down or cut production to meet stricter environmental regulations.

Find out the implications of these local government initiatives on global petrochemicals prices, supply and trade flows from a selection of top stories below.

6 Jun 2018 07:15
China melamine up amid tight supplies; demand outlook muted. Read More

24 May 2018 07:07
China Shandong refineries/petchems to cut ops before summit for clean air. Read More

23 May 2018 08:08
China’s Fujian province lists 28 chemical plants for relocation. Read More

14 May 2018 09:31
China domestic PO prices stable to firm amid tightening supply. Read More

30 April 2018 09:42
China will totally ban import of waste plastic in 2019. Read More

26 April 2018 09:43
China’s Heilongjiang to shut 14 chemical plants, relocate five Read More

25 April 2018 08:48
China's Sinopec Baling to relocate capro plant out of city by 2025 Read More

29 March 2018 05:21
China pushes ahead with new targets to improve country's environment Read More

26 March 2018 16:12
China coal-to-chems projects at risk amid pollution war Read More

26 March 2018 00:10
China switching back to naphtha from coal as petchem feed Read More

23 March 2018 22:23
China chemical capacity cuts from anti-pollution drive to moderate – Moody’s Read More

19 March 2018 07:18
China’s Anhui to close six chemical plants, relocate 34 for environment. Read More

19 March 2018 04:05
China further tightens air pollution targets - Environment minister. Read More

14 March 2018 12:19
China’s local chem producers regulatory compliance to benefit foreign competitors - Wacker execs. Read More

12 March 2018 08:44
China carbon black prices surge on supply shortage. Read More

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