Olefins Global Trade Flows (2013 and 2014) 

Click the image below to fully view the infographic showing the olefins trade flows between regions in 2013 and the forecast volumes for 2014. All data used were taken from the ICIS Supply and Demand database.

Infographics- olefins

Detailed supply and demand data

Historical and forecast data for each olefin or polyolefin

Get a breakdown of the supply and demand per commodity from the ICIS Supply and Demand data service. Historical and forecast data of plant capacity, production and consumption are also provided. 

Depending on the level of your subscription to our database service, the depth of search and customisation also varies. The ICIS Supply and Demand full database service enables you to search upstream, midstream and downstream, per country, and forecasts up to 2030. 

For access limited to regional view and covers 6-11 year time span, the database is delivered via the ICIS dashboard. It is fully customisable to tailor the view based on your area of interests. This service is suitable for mid-to-long term planning with an easy to understand snapshot view of the product you have chosen.

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Supply and Demand Window
via the ICIS dashboard

The ICIS Supply and Demand Window uses detailed, objective data on global supply, demand, production capacity, and trade flows to empower your business to make long-term, evidence-based decisions.

Through a fully customisable interface, ICIS Supply and Demand data provides a tailored view of supply and demand for your chosen chemical products, helping to explain historical price movements and illustrating future production imbalances.

ICIS supply and demand data allows businesses to:

  • Track production and consumption changes
  • Study historical imports and exports
  • Evaluate production capacity against actual and forecast production
  • Help predict future prices in raw materials
  • Compare producers manufacturing capabilities inside and outside your region